What is up with Patrick (Onno)

-- Last Updated: Mar-12-07 8:58 PM EST --

I haven't been able to reach him via email or phone.

Addendum 3/12/07

Thanks for the responces. I have bought a paddle from Patrick,& I know all of the good things said about him are true. However, I am a reknown klutz with too much testoserone and have locked my paddle in an unusable amount of feathering. What do I do now? I know that must have not followed the directions correctly. I admitted same to him in my email, but now what?

doing some shop restructuring; he sent me an email last week saying he’d be off line for a little bit but should be up and running again very soon.

Just received my P-41 rudder from him; it’s a thing of beauty…

The Good Thing About…
Patrick is everything he builds for you is custom made just for you, lasts a very long time and is a VERY good deal. Like just about everything good in life, you have to be patient and sometimes wait. Just remember, it is never personal. Patrick is very popular and is a one man show. The good thing about one man shows are that you know who built it.

Hang in there! You’ll be happy you did.