What is with this combing add-on I have?

My kayak (which I bought used) has this combing enhancer thing on it. I’m not if it is a good thing, or a bad thing. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Opinions?

The starboard side is loose since I removed the bolts.




(Seat has since been removed)

not an enhancement
What you’re showing, that loose black part, is the part of the boat that makes up the thigh hook/braces. These are important for controlling your boat as they make up 2 of the 5 contact points between you and your boat. You should come up with a way to fix these back into place rather than remove them.

Will do
That’s what I thought. But I’ve never seen them before on any other kayak. It is loose since the bolts are moved from when I removed the seat. It will be re-attached. I just wanted to make sure this was a useful component, not something stupid and in the way.

Point of attachment
Composite kayaks have these molded into the coaming where many RM kayaks have them bolt on separately. You may not have noticed them before now.

Wearing a Kayak
People sit in a canoe but they

– wear a kayak

Those might be some of the most important parts

on that kayak and your best friend in waves/wind.

If you didn’t know what that was…
I would suggest some time on the basics of big water kayaking before you get out on the ocean with this boat (you list ocean/sea in your profile). The add-on thigh braces are exactly similar in shape and location on the coaming to the built-in ones in a sea kayak, so should not have prompted a question unless you are not aware of the fit of a non-rec kayak.

The add-on thigh braces usually are intended to be optional so may seem to be on the loose side, but we had them in our first transitional boats and found they behaved quite well once on. Looking at them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the boat was an older Dagger.

Why did you take the seat out? Are you going to paddle on a pad, or is there something else you are planning to put in?

I gave my good running '57 Ford away to the kid down the road when I was going to Vietnam. He wanted to be a mechanic. By the time I had gotten home he had completely dismantled it, piece by piece, screw by screw, nut and bolt. Some people are just like that. They have something good and just need to take it apart and destroy it.

May or may not need it.
I’ve taking them out of I’ll fitting boats and replaced them or modified them for a better fit. Sometimes you have to take something out to put something better in place.

If you have room under them, I’d add a bit of foam paddling to make them more comfortable. If you do not have any roam under them and they press your leg down against the floor of the boat, them you might not be a good fit for that boat.

trust me willi

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canoes get worn as well. Thigh straps, ankle blocks, toe-blocks, hip pads, knee blocks etc.... Generally some combo. used for anyone experienced with moving water.


You'll notice I even added some "combing enhancers."

didja’ ever notice, Cliff
it’s very rare finding someone who puts things together. I was a “taker aparter” big time in my youth and now that I matured, I find I have advanced to “putting it back almost as good as it was” status. Hopefully before senility hits I’ll actually improve something, and that nearly full roll of duct tape I just re-found might help!

As RG Says
If they don’t find you handsome, at least they’ll find you handy. Or something like that.

combing enhancer
I’m thinking Vitalis with Vo7…anybody get that? :wink:

I pick things up and put them down
I wasn’t trying to take those things off. The bolts holding my useless seat in were the same bolts holding those braces on. So at the time I took the picture, they were loose. I wasn’t just taking it apart because I was bored :slight_smile:

I’m in the Potomac River at Washington, DC. I’ve haven’t been in the ocean with it yet. The river can be rough with boat wakes though. I have official real lessons starting later this month.

Leave the braces on for lessons
if you can anchor them anyway - the worst that happens is you find out they are placed awkwardly high or low. But if you are taking lessons, you’ll want them.

I got it…