What is your favorite canoe seat back?


Chosen valley canoe products

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A.L.I.C.E. pack back band!
About $14 for a band every bit as confortable as the $75 ones.



haven’t found one yet …

Since some have asked about Alice …
A.L.I.C.E. stands for All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. The lower back band ( and all the systems parts) can normally be had in surplus stores for between $10 and $20. I have paid between $11 and $14 for what is apparently the older style. They offer the feel and support of the commercial lower back bands on the market normally costing more than $75.

There does seem to be some difference in the ones I saw looking them up this time. They seem to have be made simpler. Hopefully that is a plus and not a comprmise in comfort. The “old” style adjusters could be a bit of a pain to adjust on the water.

Do some searches to do with A.L.I.C.E. or alice and pack packs, back bands, etc. You will get lots of hits.

I get mine at Gen Jim’s Surplus in Clare MI, but have seen them at surplus stores everywhere; MO, DC, FL, … Gen Jim’s does not appear to do internet sales, but there are plenty that do.

Hope this helps.



Placid BoatWorks puts a nice seat back

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in their pack canoes: http://placidboatworks.com/

This should be the site of the seat back maker: http://www.surftosummit.com/

I still prefer the military Alice bands, but as for my choice in commercial seat backs I like the ones Charlie Wilson and Joe Moore of Placid put in their boats.



This one

Cheapy no-name I picked up years…
…ago & still use. Blue plastic, lattice/open back, hooks under front edge of bench seat, another part hooks under back. Slightly flexible, gives good support. Came with a dinky pad glued on that disappeared years ago. Probably cost $10.

if you wanna go
cheap, the best seat I have used for comfort and cost is an old molded plastic chair that the molded part bolts or screws onto a set of metal legs. I took the legs off, drilled a couple of holes in the front outer part of the seat bottom and used a rope through the holes to secure it to the seat of the canoe. Drill some small holes in the bottom at the back to let any water out and there ya go. Looks like crap but free and comfy.

Crazy Creek vs ???
I have a seat/back combo I bought at BMO. Heavy duty, but the manufacturer (unknown) made the back too high, and it interferes with my PFD (an Extrasport Sabre). I was looking at a Crazy Creek seat last Saturday, and it appeared to be several inches lower. Thicker seat pad too.


crazy creek
I bought the canoe seat that has the lower back recently. Originally had the higher back model and did not like it. The seat pad is extremely comfortable and you can fold the back in and not use it if you just want the comfort of the seat padding. The seatback is not real supportive but I don’t really lean back to use it but nice when I am stopped for lunch or fishing to have it.

Check my review in accessories

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for the Essex model. Highly recommended! I kind of think of it as the "Easy Rider" position.

For the essex material, cane or web? does it matter?

The wenonah bucket style seat looks good
http://www.wenonah.com/ no direct link but look at accessories/seat_pads_and_backrest

Super Seat

Gives back support and cushioning for more comfort and less fatigue. Straps firmly to the seat and adjusts for angle. But wait, there’s more; the bench-style Super Seat is great for campfire lounging. That cross-legged, pow-wow posture is OK for the young and supple, but most people like a straighter back and legs. Try this, you’ll really like it.

Color: black.

For web or cane seat $39.95

For bucket seat $39.95