What is your favorite place you've ever paddled?

Tell me why it was great, please. Pictures are good, too.

Yukon Flats section of the Yukon River along with the Yukon Charley preserve…. Simply put, the most wild and interesting paddling I’ve ever seen, fast braided currents and wide expanses of open water with islands situated throughout. Pix ate from the Yukon 1000


When I first saw this post, I thought, “great question, my favorite would be…” I was stumped because the more I thought the more places came to mind and I was unable to choose a favorite.

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Looks amazing! I’ve been itching to go to Alaska forever… gotta make it there one day.

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Feel free to pick more than one!

My favourite, this year, is the big loopy, Big East River.

This is me. He was trying out my yak.

I’ll follow @kmdw, and give my favorite this year so far, Rio Grande river in Big Bend. The remoteness combined with the contrast between river and endless desert scenery made for a unique and special place to paddle.


String Lake to Leigh Lake in the Grand Tetons. The combination of the atmosphere, moment in time, scenery, and the company of my wife made it absolutely perfect. That particular experience can never be recreated…but I wouldn’t want it to be.

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The Boundary Waters, Minnesota The Horse River with the Voyageurs
Green River, Utah Desert canyon with John Wesley Powell
John Day River, Oregon Remote beauty and high water
Trinity River, California Technical rapids in a beautiful forest
Upper Missouri River, Montana Historic trails with Lewis and Clark.

Scot Bog, East Inlet, Pittsburg NH (not Pittsburgh PA!)

Glacier Bay Alaska
Bowron Lakes BC
Yukon River


Wow, that looks amazing.

And all you guys are killing me, all these cool-sounding places so far away!

It was amazing and I’m going back. Low water levels and time constraints prevented us from seeing the more spectacular canyons.

Florida Keys, especially the backcountry of the Lower Keys. Lots of wildlife, clear water, and fun navigational challenges, all in a tropical paradise. Paddling out to Alligator reef lighthouse was amazing too.


The back channels and mouth of the Piscataqua River (New Castle, NH/Kittery, ME).

I have paddled there since the 1998, daytime year round and all night kayak-fishing during summers.
At night I have seen deer swimming from Leach Island towards Sagamore Creek, raccoons eating crabs on the shore of the Piscataqua, a seal following me around Pepperrell Cove, Kittery to Wood Island.


I would have to say my backyard is one of the best places on the planet also…
The Seneca River/ Erie Canal. I could literally paddle from here to anywhere on the planet accessible by water in either direction. I live halfway between Onondaga and Cross lakes, the legendary route traveled by Hiawatha where he set up his home(Cross Lake).

Pix are from tonight’s training run. It’s a piece of heaven living here:


Nice boat. What make is it? I think I’ve seen them used for the Texas Water Safari.

It’s a Savage River DIII.

I’m with darkstar.
Absolutely the Yukon. I did the Y1K twice, and the YRQ three other times. Not done yet!