What is your non- paddling G RATED fetish?

Mine is outdoor shoes. What makes that a bit strange is that I can’t really hike very far anymore. For many years distance walking and hiking was my thing, then genetics caught up with my legs. Thank goodness for paddling.
Yesterday, I saw an add for 30% off on Merrill Ventilators at a local shoe store. It was an honest price; I checked.
My head said it was stoopid, esp.since I already have some Keen boots and a pair of Merrill mid boots.
I promised my rational self that if they didn’t fit perfectly, I wouldn’t get them. I tried them on and they felt better than anything I have. They look stout enough to carry me to the end.
At least I’m not that way about new trucks, other wimmin, $1000 firearms, and other man traps.
When did you lose your common sense over stuff not counting paddling gear? We know that is a necessity.

I know I had some… just can’t remember what they were…
I probably did more sailboat racing than any other single thing.
Loved hanging out at the yacht club bar.

Masonry tool and especially brick trowels. Well it’s my trade.

It’s good to love what you do.

I can’t imagine going to work every day and hating my job. I mean every day in business is not great but in general I love the trade even though it has degraded through the years. I follow historical aspects buying books and literature from 1700’s till about 1950’s. I keep current on new methods and materials also. Anyone have questions on masonry just ask me I know a lot after 47 years in the trade and 42 in business.

I almost always enjoyed my jobs, but love? They were primarily inside. For the last 24 it was in a plant with no windows.
It made the weekends especially sweet.


The Uncommon String

It’s only a fetish
when he sports his Ventilators
onto the escalator
while dancing Mashed Potater,
wearing a purple bustier
on his way to lingerie
Thursday morn at Jacques Penny’

(G-rated as in, “Gee, honey, I wonder what Gender restroom that dapper fella will be choosing?” Cue store’s muzak system with Nancy Sinatra - " Are ya ready boots? Start walking!" Da-dat-dat-Dun. Dahh! Da-dat-dat-Dun. Dahhhhhh!)

At one point I had four lawn tractors. Maybe it doesn’t qualify as a fetish, since I had to purchase them in pairs to secure a good deal and was only planning to keep one by the time I was done, but it was still comical to see my “fleet” sitting in the back yard.

Woodworking tools are my Achilles heel. While I have been known to do some nice work with wood, I’m more of a precision metal worker. I have a collection of woodworking stuff that I hope to be able to spend more quality time with some day.

Bicycles and cycling in general. Racquetball used to be an obsession for many years, but I can’t play anymore, so bikes be it.

Flashlights. A bit crazy for flashlights.

Flashlights. I don’t need any rescuing, either. Really.

Tools, my father once said to me, “If you need a tool, buy it”. I’ve needed a tool way too many times. In many cases I have duplicates, but that was caused by my inheriting all of his tools after he passed away. And he followed his advice to me. Tools are now spread between 2 houses. I may be retired, but the upkeep and improvements to both occupy a lot of my time.

I inherited some great tools. The electric hand planer has made a bunch of GP .

@Overstreet said:

I have found as a house husband that daytime TV is much better if you watch the Food Network, the Cooking channel and some PBS cooking shows. Which means I end up baking my own bread, standard and artsy. I do cookies. I love coffee cake. My smoker puts out some marvelous pulled pork, chicken and ribs. My low country boil is light and fresh. I pack lunches for the wife. Who’s coworkers often come by to see what “He” packed today. Tomorrow is smoked chicken salad. Wedensday may be pulled pork empanadas.

Cooking is much easier than sweating on the bike or gun range. My lightweight road bike is great but the load is oversized. My precision pistols have a 1" at 50 yrd accuracy but my hands have a 1ft wobble at 25 yards. :frowning: My fishing rods are gathering dust, but the kayaks and a canoe are putting in the miles.

PS…the new smoker is working out nicely. The sausage stuffer comes in a week or two. Tools … I hear that if you need a tool go buy it.

2005 Suzuki Katana
2005 Yamaha VMax
2007 Yamaha VMax
2013 Mustang

Haven’t hit 200 mph on a bike yet but came real close(187 mph), on a buddy’s Kawasaki ZX14. Got into heavy traffic; had to shut it down.


Longbows and Recurves, camping gear, wood carving tools, art supplies, arrow heads, fossils, shells, rocks, and wood. Books aren’t a fetish if they pertain to an interest with the need to learn… are they?

I also confess to a footwear fetish.
I had to smile at your tale of the new Merrells – I need another pair of low cut hiking or athletic shoes like I need a hole in the head (already have 5 pairs), but two weeks ago the discount store had a snazzy pair of $80 black and purple Merrell hikers with Vibram soles in my size for $14.99. Tried them on and they were such a heavenly fit they went home with me. Heck, I’d spent more than $14.99 going out to lunch last Saturday.

Shoes and books. Lots and lots and lots of books.

Vintage audio gear. Thrift stores, yard sales and CL are laden with great sounding speakers and pre-HDMI amps/receivers at bargain prices. In spite of smaller retirement home already at, or slightly beyond, capacity. Prior to I was supplying our 4 adult kids with very solid HT systems for well under $100.

Willow, I have thousands of books. Right down the road at the public library. I’m there a minimum of once a week.