What is your thought of Outriggers

My balance is not like it use to be and I feel unstable on my kayak. So I made some outriggers. What is your thought on this? Here is the video I made of making them. I can always remove them when I get use to the new kayak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYeBo2mikSo&t=1s

Forget about it. If your kayak is too unstable, learn some more and consider a beamier boat.
Consider a beamy canoe.

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Creative thinking for sure. Your kayak is 30" wide. Have you paddled it with the outriggers installed? If so and it made a positive difference, that’s what counts. Hoping you always wear your life vest when on the water. Happy fishing!

As the saying goes “whatever floats your boat.” If it works for you, that’s what counts.
Interesting how in boating, outriggers can mean one of two things. Before opening your post, my response was to make sure you take them down approaching bridges lol.

Curious what kind of kayak the OP has - how wide? 30 inches is pretty darned stable.

It’s in the title of the video. Pelican Rebel 100XR Angler. You need to watch the video to see his setup.

Not yet. Was going to go out today after a appt I had but it started thundering and bown poring. I always wear my PFD.

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Good for you about the PFD. Let us know how the outriggers work out for you.

This kayak is for fishing, yes? In that case the only question mark l see about outriggers is their effect on speed. Like if a storm comes up and you have to boogie out of there fast.