What kayak is this?



So this guy is selling it cheap but doesn’t know what it is, other than calling it a flat water racing kayak. It looks kinda old or like a greenland boat. Does anyone know what it is and what it’s used for?

Dimensions would help
It may well be as it is described.

doesn’t know what it is. Selling it cheap. Photos taken in the dark…



My guess
Is that it’s a plywood Stitch & Glue build.

The red stripe is typical in some of the plywood boats, but not in a SOF construction.

Could be from a kit, but the construction may have been done by a novice. And there’s no guarantee it’s complete – or seaworthy.


Stealth Kayak
They are only taken out of their hangers in the dark and only blurred and partial photographs are available.

If you meet this person make sure it’s in the daylight someplace you can paddle the boat, and make sure it floats and you can sit in it and get their license plate number if you discover the boat is stolen.

mystery boat
That almost looks like a surf ski. I’m betting it’s fast but very unstable. If you are cool with that performance level and it’s in reasonable shape, go for it if it’s cheap enough. You could build a PVC pipe outrigger for it if you just want to use it for lake and river slow cruises. It would be bound to attract some attention.

I’d probably buy it if it turned up in my area, but then I’m kind of a sucker for bargain and novelty boats(I have already “adopted” more than my share of unusual used kayaks.)

Have you ever seen…
… a surf ski? That kayak does not look like a surf ski!

Definitely not S&G
You folks need your eyes checked.


One Idea
I know if at least a half a dozen pre-production Betsy Bay designed seconds that hit the Mid Atlantic market about 6 years ago. My understanding was that they were a failed test batch from a possible co- production by one of the generations of Sawyer Canoe.

The boats I saw were all heavily built fiberglass greenland style boats. Some had funky overbuilt seam lines not unlike the red stripe in the pictured boat.

At the time these boats were going for $500 or less and I’m sure that if any were to be re-sold now they would be even cheaper.

Uh, yup, no surf ski…
didn’t see the profile shot (and was going by the deck shot on a screen so small I couldn’t see it had a closec cockpit.) On closer inspection, definitely Greenland profile. Plywood? Almost looks like the pre-war boats Europeans were building based on GL designs (and that red and white was a common European color choice):


Yeah, definitely NOT a flatwater racing

could be a skin on frame boat designed
by George Putz outa Boothbay Maine, I built one years ago, has the look as it is a greenland style hard chine boat. Fun little boat but too small for me.

limited response
Well I finally got a response from the seller, who didn’t seem to know much about kayaks. It’s about 19’ long, 18-19" wide, fiberglass, about 35 lbs, no seat, no bulkheads or skeg, and no name anywhere on it. Sounds fast and tippy and at $150 it’s a steal, but I think it’s a little too low volume and long to comfortably fit in my garage. Oh well…

where is it located??? someone else
might want to grab it…

Portland Ore, but I don’t see it listed anymore. Sorry, I don’t get on pnet for long stretches sometimes…

Was it a Thunderbolt??
I can’t see the pic’s but it sounds like a racer to me