What kayak is this

I’m looking forward to kayak again once the waters become clear again, since hurricane Maria left us pretty disturbed. Can anyone tell me what model or kayak this is in order to find information?

Help…it is for sale only today for $40

Buy it! It looks like a good design for a SOT. Looks like a fast boat. At that price, make sure it doesn’t have holes.


SOT = sit-on-top

Looks like it says “Indra” on it which would make me think it was made in Asia (Indra is an Indian name). Sit in it and see what it feels like – looks like an awkward sitting position. Looks more like a surf ski than a SOT. Could be twitchy (fast but a bit unstable).

Possibly a prototype. I had one that was similar.
As far as stability, I agree it could be a little twitchy but you sit very low which should minimize that.

I’d say snag it up. You can always customize the seat to make it more comfortable. Looks like the left foot peg is missing. I wouldn’t worry about stabiity, it’s much wider than a surfski. Can’t beat $40.

Could always make a good serving table at a party. Fill cockpit with iced drinks. Hatches with chip containers. Etc…

It looks like a reasonable sit-on-top kayak in this price. You can upgrade it as per your comfort but make sure there are no cracks and the basic features are in place.

Looks like a Hydra Adventurer. It’s likely very old so make sure the plastic isn’t sun-damaged.

Looks nice but also looks uncomfortable.

OP, did you buy it?

No :frowning: it got away… maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Can anyone identify this kayak? The yellow one, any comments or reviews? Thanks

Without any serial number or brand or model ID it is pretty difficult to ID boats, especially older ones. I can see some blurred lettering on the side of the boat in the one photo. Why don’t you contact the seller and ask them to provide better photos or tell you what that says? You have the right as a potential buyer to request that information. Whoever is advertising these boats you keep looking at is not being a competent seller, which makes me a little skeptical about them. I would worry about both condition and whether they were stolen,

Yes, you are right. The app where the kayaks are published is like a garage sale in Puerto Rico. These are not professional sellers and often provide little information about the product. I was just asking in case anyone from this site, wich I trust more, will recognize the kayak. Thanks for your comment.

Looks like an Ocean Kayak Scupper, but not enough info. Ask owner for more info.

I have one and it is red also,