what kayak should i choose?

Currently have a point65 seacruiser, which i bought as my first kayak two years ago.

Was happy that it had a skeg and rudder, however currently i no longer use the rudder and also want a thinner kayak.

I want a kayak which maneuvers great but also has a good top speed. easy to roll and of good build quality.

Some of my top candidates for my next kayak are

  1. tiderace xcite-s
  2. valley nordkapp-s

    I primarily use my kayak for day trips, and 1-2 times a year for 1-2 weeks expeditions.

    need input and advice. are there alternatives? what is good and bad with my candidates?

Valley Kayaks!
You can’t really go wrong with any of them, and they build quite a line up. Something for everybody. Just pick the one that fits your body and needs the best As an advanced kayaker, I would think you would know this. The 'Nord is a bit large for me, and the Avocet is my current favorite, but if money were no object I would hop on a 'Nord LV like a chicken on a june bug! It’s the best ride I have ever paddled. Anyone have one for sale cheap? Just the basic fiber glass model. No exotics.

Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC
You might consider the TCC as it is a thermoformed version of Rockpool’s most popular model. Less expensive that glass maintenance free. 17.2’ X 21"


Boat choice
For build quality, the Tiderace Xcite S and Valley Nordcapp LV are top of the line. Both are quite manueverable, and are good rolling boats. These are kick-ass boats for the most challenging conditions, popular with experts, ready for hard use.

The Nordcapp is not for everybody, if you need a lot of stability to feel comfortable you should look elsewhere.

I would think the Nordcapp would be faster, since that is a primary objective of this design. This Tiderace is not specifically designed for speed over long distance, though it is fine for speed and tracking.

Add in to the mix
There will be some exciting news about an additional range of boats in the Tiderace line up in the next few days.

Should fit the brief here perfectly (and there might even be a nice pricing surprise).


additional information
if possible i want a dayhatch at the knees also.

but see that neither the valley nordkapp lv or ALAW BACH has this. is this something which can be bought and manually installed afterwards?

as upcomming instructor i want something that handles great, turn easily. But since i also participate in some races, i also want max possible speed.

Valley Nordkapp-LV
tried a NDS Expedition and a Valley Nordkapp-LV yesterday… I can handroll the NDS with one hand and every time… only succeded in rolling the nordkapp-lv 1 of 15attempts… was disappointing.

but have been promised that i can borrow the nordkapp-lv and try i out some more in the real enviroment… (tested both indoors)

The LV has higher rear deck
So hand rolling it may be a little more difficult than the NDK is my guess (not being able to hand roll anything at all yet, shame on me).

As for knee hatch, I think it is not too difficult to install one - the link about Sea Line (or whatever the Valley Hatch Cover Replacement thread) has these products listed. Simple drill and install affair if you want a flexible sleeve type.

Cetus LV/MV?
It would seem to me that a P&H Cetus LV or MV should be on your short list. Has all the features you’re looking for - fair speed, maneuverability, knee-hatch, etc.

cetus lv
would love if they made this cetus lv some 4kg lighter.

however you are quite right… this kayak should be included in my thoughts.

which of thoose mentioned kayaks have the highest speed?

Nordkapp …
… for me anyway, fastest kayak I’ve paddled would be the Nordkapp LV. I’m comparing to the Cetus MV, Tempest 170 and 165, Aquanaut, Aquanaut LV, Avocet, Atlantic LV (Shoreline), and Polar. Lots of variables of course and “your mileage may vary”, etc, but that’s what I found.

if only
had i been capable of handrolling the the nordkapp lv as easy as i did with the NDS explorer i think i would have bought i straight away…

the extra bonus would also had been a day hatch in front of the cockpit (between the knees)

going to test the nordkapp lv tomorrow

cobolt ?
what of the cobolt origo or cobolt mentor?

just saw that this has a dayhatch in front and the back is i would like… that its possible to get it in a 20kg version.

what of the speed and handling?

a few more
Nigel Foster Legend very fast but no 4th hatch

Point 65 N Whiskey 18