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Hello everyone, i am new to the site. I am 5'8" and i have pretty big feet lol, so i dont know about smaller kayaks just yet.

I have a canoe, and i like to go canoeing in rivers and lakes. Just recently, my father and i went from the beach off of cape cod, and went down a really long river, that had to be about 2 miles of a river, and the heavy current pushed us torwards the lake at the end, because the tide was coming in, but we went up river afterwards, and it was very tough. I want a kayak to take back to the ocean, and go down that river again, because it was really fun.

I am looking for a kayak that i can use in calm rivers, and some ocean, but not a whole lot. I also want to do some whitewater kayaking, although, i have never done it before. I think i would like a small kayak, for riding waves, and whitewater rapids. I dont think i can use a whitewater kayak in slow moving rivers.

can anyone help me out here?anyone have any recomendations for a somewhat cheap kayak that will last me a while?

If you are not too far from Plymouth,
take a trip up there to Billington Sea Kayaks.

They are good people and have a large selection to look at.

Also there is a pond right there where you can try the various models out.



thanks, what would i look into?
i actually thought about it, and dont want something to fish out of, thats what my canoe is for. I want something small, able to handle rivers, and whitewater. Any suggestions on something that is around 300?

plymouth is about an hour and 20minute ride, and about 60 miles away.

is there anything closer?

btw, im going to scarborough in southern RI this week, so, if there is anything there, id like to know, but, maybe not, o well, i will find a place.

thanks again

Almost any recreational kayak – with adequate flotation – will get you through most Class 2 whitewater. If you want to stop and play instead of just running through it, or if you want to do anything more difficult, you should be in a whitewater boat.

You might want to hook up with these folks.

Go fo a paddle, check out some boats…



Look at Pyranha Master TG
Your $300 price range is entry level for new boats, you may get more for your money on the used market. In new boats $300 buys a rec boat like the Old Town Otter and Perception Swifty. The Swifty is sold under other names with minor changes – Perception Spark is one – at big discount stores. There are other more expensive boats sold cheaper at big discount stores or large sporting goods stores, like the Wilderness systems Pungo 120 sold as the Navigator. I don’t know of anywhere you can look to find these additional model names, they are not typically found on the manufactures web site.

If you have move money to spend - $649 not on sale – you could look at the Pyranha Master TG. The hull design looks to me like the older Inazone models, but I’m not sure. It is a long semi-planing whitewater boat (much longer than current playboats). It has very modest outfitting (backband and thigh braces do not adjust), but it has a drop down skeg which really helps with tracking. It can turn on a dime with the skeg up, but goes straight when the skeg is down.

Heritage Kayaks

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Your profile says you are from RI, so why not check out Heritage Kayaks - they are manufactured in Bristol. A wide variety of sizes and types depending on your need. Prices new might be a bit above your $300 but not much if you are looking for a boat in the 10' - 14' range. You should be able to find some used for $300.