What kind of canoe do I have??


I have been lucky enough to receive a free canoe. I am trying to register it so I can take it out but cannot find its serials number, brand or really anything about it.

I’m hoping someone can help me identify what type and brand of canoe it is.

It is an all red canoe (inside and out) and is a fiberous material (not aluminum or metal). You can actually see the fibers and it is not smooth on the inside.

It has a pirate head relief on the side of one of the seats. That is the only clue I have as to what brand it might be.

Black Beard
Sounds like a Black Beard “Deep Cove”. HID number would be TJNU2N681. Manufactured in 1981. Fiberglass.


Thank you!

Sorry to break it to you.

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He's making that up. Not sure why he'd make things difficult for a newbie, but so it is. The fact that he even tells you the hull I.D. number was probably supposed to be a clue (no one can know the hull I.D. number of a boat they haven't seen).

On the other hand, he recently posted here that it's best to just make stuff up when registering a boat of unknown origin. Has to do with some idea about doing things the right way being too difficult, but getting caught later would be a lot more difficult.

more descriptions
Need to know the following; material and color of gunwales, seats and endcaps/decks. Does it have a keel along the bottom? Obviously a photo would do wonders. Certainly this is a chopper-gun fiberglas canoe of which there were dozens of makers back in the 70’s and 80’s

Hull serial numbers
Generally you will find a small stamping of the number. Often but not always on one side or the other of one end or the other. Old Town for instance will put that in a small rectangle. It might only be a couple of inches long and narrow, maybe 3/8 of an inch wide. But look everywhere !

It sounds like a fiberglass canoe. Are you registering it for the purpose of installing a motor ? Here in Ma we don’t need to register a canoe except for that purpose. At which time we also have to supply proof of sales tax from where ever the canoe was purchased. And then we get an excise tax bill each year on any canoe registered for a motor that is over 15 ft long. So in this state if you aren’t putting on a motor don’t register the thing.

More difficult?
I’m not trying to make it more difficult for anyone, quite the opposite. What are you supposed to do when you have a 30+ year old boat with no markings and produced by a manufacturer that’s long out of business? Even if you find out who made it you still don’t have a hull ID number.

It’s not like this is a $50,000 pleasure boat. It’s just some old beat up canoe worth a couple hundred bucks at best. No one is ever going to check the HID number and even if they did it would match if you went ahead and put your own made up number on the hull.

Or better yet tell them it’s a home built. Then you really are allowed to make up your own hull ID number.


maybe you should have posted that
…instead of trying to peddle a tale about the boat brand. People come here for good info. If they don’t get it, do you think they’ll come back?

I probably should have prefaced it but I thought when she saw the HID number that she’d realize what was going on. What seems obvious in your head often isn’t in real life.

But, if she takes that information I posted to the courthouse everyone will be happy for the rest of the canoes life. I was serious about that.