what kind of canoe do I have?

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I picked up a used canoe recently, and I'm not sure what model it is. It's 12' long, with a beam of about 27", and foam sponsons on either side. It probably weighs about 30 lbs, and is made of green fiberglass. It's a solo kneeler with aluminum gunwales. It is not current production. Any ideas? Thanks.

Canoe ID
a photo and the HIN, Hull Identification Number, would be most helpful. Look for a small metal plate or a stamped number in the hull near the stern and just under the gunwales.

kind of canoe
A slow one.

tape again ?
Colemans had side sponsons ?


Does 27"wide = slow?
I wouldn’t assume that.

I 27" wide solo at only 12’ long could be squirrelly for a tall person. The sponsons could have be added by a previous owner.