What kind of canoe is this?

We are canoeing this week and these are what we will be renting. Just curious to know what kind of hull this is, etc.

I don’t know the brand, but I’ve seen pretty much that exact same thing here and there. I think it’s a common design, perhaps used by more than one brand name. It’s most likely polyethylene, and very inexpensive. I see some “hogging” (reverse rocker caused by too little stiffness of the hull) in one picture, and all the boats that look like this which I have seen have been hogged as well. That will likely get worse when the boat is on the water with people on board, though a heavy load of gear on the floor will reduce the problem. It’s just a very basic, cheap canoe. For basic paddling from Point A to Point B, it will probably get the job done, but most likely not with the ease and grace of a high-quality canoe.

Looks like a http://www.paluski.com/14--adirondack.html, typical rental fleet. The outfitter must like everything in red!