What kind of kayak is that?

Ever wondered about those Kruger Canoes. Is the Kruger Dreamcatcher a kayak or a canoe?

The WaterTribe magazine has published an article I wrote titled “I’ve been Krugarized: My Introduction to a Kruger Canoe”.


It is an article about this boat from the perspective of a more high performance expedition seakayaker. And also includes a trip report on Lake Michigan.

I also still keep up my paddling blog at http://sandybottomkayaker.blogspot.com/ which often includes more stories about paddling my Kruger, and other boats.


The Dreamcatcher is the same hull as the Sea Wind but with a kayak deck on it.

The Sea Wind is a canoe of sorts and the Dream catcher is a kayak of sorts . The

Dreamcatcher is wide for a kayak . Its said to be very good in rough open water .

Loved the article

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I've oftened thought the Kruger seawind would be a perfect boat for my Everglades paddling/camping trips. However, I find that it is too heavy for what I do which I consider recreation not expedition. If they ever offered the seawind in a 45lb package or less, I'd buy one.

I live vicariously through yours and others watertribe experiences. You are an inspiration to alot of women, myself included. Are you racing next year in the watertribe again?

Seeing is believing
Dawn is a good friend and paddling partner, and she is amazing in the Krueger. How she manages 4mph steady with a canoe paddle in something that looks like a James Bond version of a submarine turned kayak/decked canoe is beyone me, but she does. So this means that when we go back to Newfoundland (or some other long trip)you get to carry the barbecue grill, lawn chairs, water, beer, HA, HA, HA as Dan would say! Seriously, probably ought to put this post up with Krueger in the title as I imagine there are more than a few folks with musculosketal problems who can’t kayak easily but who could do serious trips in a Krueger.