What kind of kayak to get?


I am thinking about purchasing a kayak. I like whitewater and recently did a little wave running in the ocean. I’m not a big fan of flat water paddling. However, occaisonally, I may need to go on flat water paddles. I went on one this last week between 5-10 miles.

So, I need a kayak that would be good in surf, rocks, and whitewater, but would also be able to paddle with the family when out for a flat ride without too much trouble.

Any recommendations?


You can’t get that combination without
giving away a lot in every performance category. My old '82 Noah Magma, made for whitewater, would come close, but even though some very good whitewater paddlers used it back then, it is NOT a good whitewater boat today.

If you insist on a compromise boat, look at the LL XP9 and XP10. These boats are very decent in whitewater up through class 3. Their surf performance is merely “OK.” They both have drop skegs and can cruise tolerably.

Otherwise, shop the very active used market. You could buy my Necky Looksha Sport for local cruising and easy surfing. (If I were selling.) You could pick up a Jackson Fun or something similar that would surf ocean waves up to a point, and excel in whitewater. If you were real lucky, you might come across a true used surf kayak.

Different boats
As above, doesn’t exist. At least if you want to be happy with the boat’s performance in any of the categories of use.

Agree with the suggestion above, pick up a used tourer and a used WW boat. The latter is easy - WW folks turn their boats over like candy.

Also learn to roll.

thanks for tips
Thanks for the tips…

Sounds like the best thing to do is get a WW used boat. I was thinking used anyway to keep the price down.

BTW, I learned to roll a few years ago when I took a WW class. Probably will need to relearn that.

I am Looking
for a similar boat. Here’s some kayaks that work great on Class I - III or drop skeg for a lake:

Pyranha Fusion, Liquid Logic Remix XP - 9’ or 10’

Dagger Approach (affordable of the bunch) I want to compare the Fusion against the Remix XP - 9’

see you’re from Ct.

happy hunting.mattm

Dagger Alchemy?

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A couple of paddlers who I respect are very impressed with the Dagger Alchemy:

There has been an amount of discussion here about this boat, including:

Check out the Torrent. Perception made them for years and I think Dagger is taking that model now. I have done about 8 miles on flatwater and it starts to be a workout. It’s great on any moving water up to class III and reportedly good in the surf,


Bic Scapa Sit on Top
In White water it handles more like a self bailing canoe. In surf it is more forgiving than a self bailing canoe. On flat water it is a pretty fast rec boat that will keep up with most groups, but it doesn’t have the glide of most true sea kayaks.

14.5 feet 26 inches wide, 50 pounds, flat bottom rounded chines, self bailing, not much rocker.

It does everything well enough but it is not great at anything except being the most comfortable boat in the world. It is as comfortable as a canoe, but it is much harder to stand and pole than a canoe.

If I could only have one boat this would be it, until they make this one with a rudder option and adjustable foot pegs.