What kind of kayak

We were given two of these kayaks. Think they are fiberglass There is no brand name on these anyone know? If we sell them what should we ask we are in NY

First, look for the 12-digit Hull Identification Number (HIN). Boats made commercially since sometime in the early-mid 70’s should have one, either on a small plate or engraved into the hull. The format is:

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I am guessing these are old (like from 70s or 80s) whitewater kayaks, back when people made their own using molds.

Maybe you can get lucky and sell them for something, but they really aren’t worth much.

Similat to those made made from a mold in someones garage. Roughly very old style whitewater

Yeah, my outdoor club had a couple of Augsburger molds and used to lay up fiberglass on them to make our own old style whitewater kayaks. I had one like this, 13’ long (actually 4 meters, Olympic specification for competition whitewater racing). You have probably already discovered that the small cockpit is hard to get into. These need to be used with a snug neoprene sprayskirt and they need inflatable flotation bags inside the bow and stern of the hull or they will fill with water in a capsize and be nearly impossible to dump out. They don’t track straight well because the hull is designed to turn quickly in rapids. Unless you are interested in white water kayaking and are willing to invest a few hundred in each for necessary accessories AND you can fit in them, they may not be useful for you. You may find somebody who will give you $50 for one but that’s a stretch. It’s an antiquated design and not too many people are interested in these any more. I sold mine for $100 more than 15 years ago to an older guy who knew what it was – I included flotation bags and a paddle with it for the price.

If someone holds out 200 bucks for the pair snatch it fast.