what kind of straps to use?

I’m buying a kayak soon and recently bought a used yakima rack with the mako saddles and hully rollers. the only problem is that they didn’t come with the yakima straps. what kind of straps do i need? can i purchase some at the hardware store? what about the ends? what kind of fitting am i looking for?




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I have the same set-up. The Mako saddles come with straps with plastic ends that fit into clips on the inside of each saddle. I'm sure you can get replacements anywhere online that sells them. There was a recent post that offered several. I remember rackwarehouse.com, rackattack.com, sportsrack.com for a start. The Hully Rollers come with just a long strap, any paddle store would sell something like this. The difference is that they have a rubber bumper pad over the buckle to protect your boat. Shouldn't be a big deal to get suitable replacements.

perhaps you should at at
a kayak dealership.

NRS makes the best staps I’ve used.

The mako’s will require a special
terminated strap or some jury-rigging. Any strap will work for the rollers. There must be a 1000 places that sell the Yakima strap, but they will probably be as much as the mako’s themselves.

Makos and NRS straps
I use NRS straps in the channels of the Makos. Works great and since it makes a 1 piece strap, just pull and it comes right off. Just a little bit less hassle than using the originals. Never is it a hassle, more of a procedure…

I second that, but also…
…many of the outfitters similar to Great Outdoor Provision Co, or the Nantahala Outdoor center have the same strap, but with their own label on it.

I keep two boxes full of them, from 4 footers to 12 footers.

You would be amazed at the amount of jettisoned 2x4’s I have picked up on the road and brought home on the roof using those small straps.



NRS but skip the channels
I just wrap the NRS straps around the bar and don’t use the Mako straps or the grove around the saddles. The saddles have a lot of flex in them and the bow of my boat waves around a lot if I use the factory straps.

I just tried the Yakima factory straps this weekend because I was shuttling another boat. Tried to skip the bow line and it was kind of scary. For me it’s best with a strap around the bar and a bow line YMMV.

check out strapworks.com

i just bought 8 of the new NRS straps, they have the rubber covering around the buckle so it doesn’t nick your paint when throwing over kayak, you can also buy the rubber covers for your other straps.