What knot?

I welcome your suggestions for the following:

I have 20ft of 4mm pre stretched polyester cord/rope.


Requirements, I would like a 3" loop at the end of this line, the loop should not tighten under load. The tail should point back along the main line

(like the tail of a clove hitch).

What knot would you suggest?

As an aside, what is the most useful knot that you use?

I’d use a bowline but the tail points…

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...the wrong way. Does that matter? You would blend the tail with the loop the same way that the end of a rope is "whipped" to prevent fraying.

Otherwise, an overhand loop on a bight would serve your purpose. The tail points the proper way. More elegant is a figure-eight knot on a bight. With both, neatness is greatly improved if you "keep track of the routing" of both strands, keeping them parallel and not trading places with each other (not as easy to describe as it is to visualize when you see what has taken shape when you've tied it. You'll see).

Beyond that, I'd have to consult a reference, which you could do as well.

Oh, and "what is the most useful knot"? There isn't one. Each has a certain set of characteristics, so no single knot can be the most useful. Those I can't do without, in no particular order: two half-hitches, bowline, taut-line hitch, trucker's hitch, and sheet bend. Maybe I'd add the square knot too.

I tried

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A bowline, but as you say the tail points the wrong way.

The reason for the tail is that I want to use shrink sleeve to "whip" it to the main line.

For those who want to see a figure-eight knot on a bight.


The most useful knot?
That would be the “greatest knot of all”


overhand loop?

my vote is figure eight as well
you can trace it back for even more security

Try this…
Tie a figure 8 in your line.

Leave enough slack at the end of the line (working end) to make your 3 inch loop, AND enough to retrace your original figure 8 “backwards”.

You’ll end up with your loop, and a double figure 8.

The (working end)end of the rope will be headed back in the direction you started; you can finish off the end anyway you want too.

Set the knot. In other words, tighten the finished knot.

It will only get tighter if you apply pressure, and I gurantee you that once the knot is set; it won’t slip.

Good looking knot too.


indian knot
Didier’s noose is popular…

If you make the knot as you say (first a simple figure eight, then trace the working end back through the eight), is it any different than tying the figure eight on a bight as shown above? It seems like it’s the same thing.

Butterfly noose

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You can even make multiple loops in one line. Does not tighten under load, nor does it become un-doable.

You can make the loop so that the ends go out sideways from both sides, as shown in many drawings.

But you can also make the ends both line up closely parallel to each other, below the loop.

eye splice

All my canoe ropes are 3 strand double ended with eye splices. You can splice 8 strand also.

Basically …
Basically it is the same thing.

But, obviously you can’t tie a figure eight on a bight and put it thru, or around something. You could hook something(like a caribiner) into the figure eight on a bight…

In other words, when you tie the figure eight on a bight; it’s pretty much a done deal. You could have tied an overhand on a bite, and accomplished basically the same thing, and saved some rope length.


Good point.

8 splice looks like a handful, 4mm would be a big challenge for me.

Thanks to everyone.

I have 3 down but a 8 would take some thinking.

Once you get them started they go pretty quick though.

try the
Bowline on a bight. The bight is 2 strands so ultra strong. HTH


Truckers knot

I am not familiar with the
Trucker’s Knot. Could you be speaking of the Trucker’s Hitch? If so, I’m having trouble seeing how it applies to the Original Poster’s requirements. If not, can you please explain the Trucker’s Knot? I’d like to add it to my repertoire. Thanks


I was wondering the same thing
Trucker’s hitch is not (knot?) a loop, although it incorporates one.

Knot puns
That reminds me of the time Mike McCrea told a story that included something about someone walking their canoe through shallows. Eventually, the person was simply pulling a rope through the water behind him because he had tied it to his canoe with a “not”.