What length Mohawk DBCP for Sawyer

Summersong solo canoe? The Summersong is 23" at the outer edge of the gunwales. I’m 5’6". I may also use the paddle with my Mad River Slipper solo canoe, which is 27" at the gunwales.

I primarily use a single blade bent shaft canoe paddle in both boats.

Here are some reasons for my interest in using a DBCP or other double blade paddle in the above canoes:

  1. To go faster than I can with a single blade paddle to keep up with Bruce and Cooldoctor1 in their Prijon Calabrias, if that is possible with me in the Summersong. I had diffuculty keeping up with them in my Old Town Castine.

  2. I’m considering paddling the Summersong in the 2006 Great River Rumble on the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River and my concern would be similar to #1, but I’d be trying to keep up with tandem canoes, solo kayaks (most of which are probably sea kayaks) and maybe a few other solo canoes. Sometimes the pace is fast. Most of the time the current is slow, somtimes very slow. Sometimes the headwinds can be very strong. My Summersong has a rudder to help with the strong winds.

    The trip will cover 138 miles in 7 days.

  3. Paddling in strong winds when I want to make good time (actually, nearly all time spent in a solo canoe is good time) and I’m not achieving the speed I want with the singele blade.

  4. Change of pace and muscle usage on long trips to rest the single blade muscles.

    Keep in mind that I’ve only been paddling solo canoes for a little over two years and have only had the Summersong since last June.

    I would mostly use the double blade for open water and in strong winds.

    My Bending Brances Infusion worked pretty well when set to 230cm, but water dripped in the boat. I am considering rigging some sort of spray deck to redirect the drips out of the boat, but I havn’t started that project yet.

    Other postings have suggested the Mohawk DBCP as a pretty good paddle for most canoeing situations and most posters seem to prefer the 108" (I think that’s about 275cm)length. I think that I have a couple 8’ paddles, a Carlisle and a Rogue River which I haven’t used for a while. I can try them for that length to check for paddle drips. My recollection is that they still get drips in the canoe, though I haven’t tried them in the narrower Summersong. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to use that heavy old Carlisle (blue plastic coated shaft with yellow blades and much heavier than the current model Carlisle Daytripper paddles) for a very long time, even though that used to be my only kayak paddle and I survived many river miles with it. I’ve never tried a 108" paddle in a canoe, that seems pretty long.

    I’m open to other manufacturers and models other than Mohawk. Price is a consideration - I’d like to keep it under $150 if possible. I’ll consider spending more since the Rumble doesn’t take place until August and that gives me time to save my pennies.

    Thanks in advance for all of your advice.

    Happy paddling.

You paddle low or high? The AT crank
is a fantastic paddle , but $400 to $500. GPs are great too and a whole lot cheaper.



I usually paddle more high angle, but I
don’t like drips on my feet. That’s why I’m considering a longer paddle. Also, arguments have been made in previous postings that the longer paddles aid in sweep strokes in solo canoes.

The AT paddle sounds nice. Is that what you use in your Rapidfire?

Use AT, GP, Lendyl, but mostly ZRE
single as faster over the long hull, etc

All my doubles are over 220 cm.

Got to go. May be off the puter as long as week.




I use the Mohawk for horsing around
my big old MR Explorer in the wind and it works allright if you don’t mind the drips.

I tried it in my Osprey solo and found that I like the single much better. Of course thats comparing the clunky, heavy Mohawk to a Zav so it’s not really fair.

I’ve messed around some with a Werner camano 230cm in the solo and like that better than the Mohawk but not as well as the Zav.

IMO drips are part of the deal with a double. If it’s cool I wear rain pants and let 'em fall.


Two Words Guys
Drip Rings will stop your Mohawk double blade from dribbling on ya.

I have found that for paddling either my OT D158 or my Dagger Legend 16 solo, the 274 (9ft) works well. as far as being heavy and not flexing, its guilty on both counts, but it gets the boat moving quickly to where I am constantly looking back for people if I don’t pace myself. I also have an 8 footer for the front paddler if I’m going tandem which I also use in my WW canoe. I have found it invaluable on bony rivers for prying against rocks or pushing off of something and not having to worry about breaking it. I have a closet full of Bending Branches, Werners and the like and thats where they stay.

After using mine, several of my compadres have chosen them as well.

Any other thoughts on DBCP length?

I tried a 240cm Bending Branches Whisper
a couple weeks ago and again today in my Summersong. The first time out I tried using high angle strokes as I do in my Phoenix Isere kayak (I use a 215cm paddle in it) and had lots of drips in the boat resulting in a puddle in the bottom of the boat. Today I found that the Whisper kayak paddle worked pretty well in the Summersong when held low, just above the thighs, with a low angle stroke. Very relaxing and easy and moved the boat along pretty well - and no drips in the boat. Much better than high angle in the Summersong. I felt like I could cruise for a couple hours at an acceptable pace in this fashion. I still plan to try some longer paddles in the Summersong because 240cm seemed a little short, but acceptable.