What length of paddle?

I have a Bending Branches Whisper take down paddle - 240cm. I got this originally for a use with my 32" wide Advanced Elements inflatable. I’m now looking at adding a little Emotion Comet hardshell to my stable. The Comet is 28" wide so not a whole lot narrower than my Expedition. I’m wondering if my current paddle would be okay for this boat or if I’m going to need a shorter paddle. I’m 6’ 1" so from what I’ve read the 240cm is probably an okay length of paddle for me. It was okay for the inflatable but actually I think I might have had a bit more comfortable paddling stroke had I had a longer paddle, say 250 if such a thing exists. However, I’ll probably be selling the Expedition anyway so I won’t necessarily need a longer paddle anymore. So, 240 probably okay for the Comet? I can always get a shorter paddle I suppose, if using the 240 with the Comet causes me problems.