What lengthpaddle to purchase?

I recently purchased my 1st recreation kayak and didn’t want to invest a lot of money. I bought a 10’ Fusion from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

It is pretty wide at 31" and I am wondering what length paddle to purchase?

Need additional information
Height, long or short waisted, long or short arms, etc.

A kayak paddle should be at least a foot higher than your head or about as high as you can reach. There are variations of course depending on type of use.

A canoe paddle should come up to your chin.

or a little longer works for most newbies in rec kayaks

I’m a newbie too
And upgraded from the poor paddle that came with my used kayak. Since I’m still earning I found this Bending Branches Glide Glass Plus.


It adjusts from 215 mm to 230 mm so I can experiment with the best length for me. I figure I’ll buy another paddle and still have the Glide Plus to use with other kayaks and people in the future. It cost around $100 and, while not high end, seems a good fit for someone like me.