What local store equivalent to Vynabond?

My canoe outfitting has finally arrived but I’ve just realized I forgot to order Vynabond. I’m antsy to get everything installed and don’t want to wait another week or two to get started. Is there a hardware store equivalent to Vynabond? I’ll be attaching D-rings for flotation bags and thigh straps.



I haven’t been able to find one. I have received recommendations from store employees who wouldn’t know a whitewater canoe from a log. I am reluctant to try a new product unless recommended by someone who has actually used it for canoe outfitting. I really don’t like blowing out a thigh strap anchor on the river. I have glued D-rings in with contact cement before, and it usually holds for a while, but I’d be reluctant to use this for thigh strap anchors.

Bell canoe sells Vynabond in the larger 12 oz cans and gets them sent out pretty quick. I think I received my order in a couple of days. NOC will also process orders pretty quickly but I think they only sell the 1 oz tubes. I think Vynabond has to be shipped by ground transport.

I’d suggest you just call Rutabaga (or go on line) and have them ship some right away. They are very fast and I find them great to work with. They stock Vynabond (I saw it there last Saturday), so it should go out quickly. Great luck!

I found it on Ebay for a decent price.

There may be …

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There may be some product available that is equal to Vynabond, but I don't know what it is.

I've outfitted quite a few whitewater solo boats. If I were you; I would order some Vynabond, and attempt to be patient till it arrived. You quite likely will save yourself some time/hassle in the long run.

Compare the amount of time it will take to outfit your boat correctly, to the amount of time you will probably own/use the boat in question.


I didn’t use vinabond but got
a glue from a company that makes tarps. They use HH66 which works fine but is a lot cheaper.

carries it, and other adhesives as well.

Vynabond’s Pennsylvania distributor
He got my Vynabond order to me in NYC in two days. I found him on the Vynabond web page.

– Mark

I know some pool supply places carry it too.