What Looksha Do I have

I just bought an older Necky Looksha. I can’t tell what model it is. The length is 16’ 8". Features are not unique enough to distinguish it - plastic, rudder, front and rear hatches, compass indentation is between the cockpit and the front hatch. The bow label is just “Looksha”.

Anybody know what model this boat is by the length and this meager description ? Is there a model/serial stamp somewhere I should be able to find that might tell me what model ?


likely a Looksha IV
By length it sounds like a Looksha IV.

On the stern near the rudder in the side there should be a number scratched into the plastic. The last 4 digits will tell you when it was made: http://boatsafe.com/nauticalknowhow/hin.htm

Agree it sounds like a IV
I picked up an older Looksha IV last year for my brother and that describes it exactly. Google “Looksha IV images” and see if those look right.