What Mad River Solo did I just buy?

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Green HIN MADCX686F787
rails are 14'8", I forgot to measure anything else, duh....
I will head back to the shop this am to complete the re-rail. The boat's original wood outfitting was almost entirely rotted off when I picked it up. I do not think I can get an original beam dimension from the royalex hull. I guess I will make it as wide as looks good when I put all of the new wood on. This hull looks shallow for a solo to me. It is resting in cradles now, but later I will put it on a bench and measure the rocker.

Boat is 14'7"
beam is 31.75
depth mid 14+"
looks like respectable rocker

Slipper is about 14’7"
with gunwales about 27".

About 16" bow depth

About 14" stern depth

Minimal rocker.

Pretty vague information…

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What's the layup?
What kind of trim?
Bow/center/stern depth?
Width at gunwales/waterline?

Don't know how exact your length measurement is?
Here are some Mad River boats that are "close" to your length measurement for that time frame.
I believe the last 2 digits in the serial number to be the year 1987.

Courier 14'7"
Liberty 14'8"
Slipper 14'7"


Royalex Courier…
Introduced in 1978 and discontinued in 1994 at which time it was replaced by the Guide (now called the Freedom Solo).

-slight rocker


-shallow vee

-6" freeboard capacity 900lbs.

-Weight of royalex version 58lbs.

-length 14’7"

-gunwale width 32"

-4" waterline width 29"

-depth at center 15"

-Bow height 22"

-Stern height 22"

They also made a Kevlar version that was 14’9" at 43lbs.

Courier was a great all around solo…good for moving and flat water. The Guide was designed with enhanced river performance in mind.

If you want…
If you want to see photos of a Courier, to compare to the boat that you have; let me know.

I have one of the kevlar versions.