What make/model is this kayak?

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Was browsing a local classifieds and came upon this, but it doesn't have any information about the manufacturer. Anyone recognize it?


Thanks for any help in advance.

The cockpit shape and cleats on the foredeck make me want to say Northwest Sportee but I don’t think that’s right.

Corona Kayak
You might try contacting Manhattan Beer Distributors, 1-800-BEERINC. They had Corona Kayak Giveaway at a place called Cunningham’s July 9, 2010. Maybe that’s where this boat came from.

I’ll give that a shot.

I believe I have one of those …
… In my fridge. It’s a but smaller … must be a “LV” version …

Looks like a (tour)LITE!
Check out the photos and data at:


I used to sell that boat, sans the beer label. Maybe if they put beer advertising on all of them, they would have sold more. The manufacturer, Raven Works, was out of PA, but is no longer in business. It is a John Winters design. Nice boat – and sturdy as heck!