What Makes a Leader?

Hi everyone,

My classmate has an interesting thesis study on leadership potential across occupations. If you have a little extra time, please complete this survey and see your feedback inform future leaders of America!


Thank you!

Only two posts, ever, and they’re both surveys? My Spidey Sense is tingling…


My going rate for taking surveys of any kind is $2500 per hour(One hour minimum, even if it’s only 15/20 minutes, btw.) How’s that for leadership potential?

Some are born, some are made. Many are mediocre, few are outstanding.
The best I have known have been intelligent, self assured, and compassionate .

Meh, most students are too young and inexperienced in the world to be able to develop a “thesis” on what makes a good leader. I’ve found that effective leadership skills have to be developed through experience and demonstrated to others through good example and by direct mentoring. Collecting “surveys” and anecdotes accomplishes nothing. Business sites like LinkedIn are full of such lists – if they were actually effective we would not have so many bad managers.

In fact, in my experience of 50 years in the work force, I have yet to meet a recent graduate, even those with advanced degrees in business or administration, who has any of the instincts and skills that constitute leadership excellence.

Two kinds of leaders taught me by example. The type I already mentioned and hopefully emulated and the self centered jerks that made me promise to myself I would never be like them. Luckily, in my career, I only worked for 3 jerks and not long for any of them.
Their bosses apparently recognized their characters also.

I like wire for pike, muskie and pickerel. I generally use fluorocarbon for most other fish.

Seriously, I got four pages into the survey and gave up. It is crap. How does anybody judge someone’s leadership ability based on a photo? How do you judge size without something to compare it to? Judging physical strength from a photo? Nonsense. How reckless they are likely to be based on a photo? Seriously? Give me 30 seconds in person with any of these people and I could give you an answer. Good luck with your thesis, but you will be basing it on total nonsense.

The title of your post is inconsistent with the title of the study and both are inconsistent with the stated purpose of the study.

@BrianSnat said:
I like wire for pike, muskie and pickerel. I generally use fluorocarbon for most other fish.