What makes my Zav so good?

Single blade here.

Short list.

Is it the bent shaft?

Is it the light weight?

It’s the first bent I’ve paddled with for more than a few minutes. When I briefly borrowed other heavier paddles I saw no advantage to the bent shaft.

My bentshaft technique is a work in progress. I almost always kneel (heretic!). Sitting is for kayakers. I try to keep the stroke from my knee to my hip with the bent. With the straight the catch moves forward a bit so the stroke is a bit longer. I do switch most of the time with the Zav and some with my straight shafts.

As soon as I started using the Zav my stroke rate went way up.

It’s hard to maintain that high stroke rate with heavier paddles.

Hmm… does Zav make straight shaft paddles?

Bending Branches
makes a real light straight shaft paddle, or paddles I should say. told the local dealer when I get old and grey I’ll buy one.Tommy, ya doing the Vermont thing columbus weekend?

Yes, Zav makes straight shaft paddles.
I think that you have to special order them and they cost a few more dollars.

about a zav is good. The design of the blade is great. I have an old wenonah wooded that was abused by the scouts. In order to repair I had it cut down to match a Zav blade. Still heavy but it is my favorite (none zav) paddle.

Discovered bent shaft paddles.
About 30 years ago. I still paddle srtaight shafts when I am in my W/C canoes and can do all the straight shafts strokes that people talk about. But damit I enjoy sit and switch paddling and I enjoy my Zav paddle. I think its both its light wt.( I use a lite) and the blade. I was out last night and there was no wind and no people on the pond and as long as I was making the correct entry and exit( no splash) all I could here was the hiss of the wake.I love it when that happens.