What Material is my Canoe - Coleman

I’ve picked up a couple of old Colemans and because of their age Coleman can’t tell me the material. I’d like to refinish them, maybe, but I don’t know what material they are made of.

One is a Ram X-15 and the other seems very similar but any markings as to actual model are gone. It is a 13 footer.

The X-15 is serial no. CP226351C696 - with another number below that 5905E723.

The other canoe is serial no. CPN42002M80A.


single layer polyethylene
Ram-X was Coleman’s proprietary name for a variety of single layer (solid) polyethylene.

Thank you. Now I’ll look for some tips online to painting these guys a nice new shade of red! : )

They resemble canoes, but are really good flower planters.