what model is my Pyranha

I am trying to identify what model of a pyranha mine is .I just bought it used and there does not seem to be any identifying marks. I would like to be able to show a pic,which I have but htere doesn’t seem to be that option here. Is there anyone out there that I can send a picture to through email ,who can indentify it. Thanks ,

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And you can post pictures.

send the serial number to pyranha
they should be able to help you. If it is an whitewater boat, you could look at playak and or eddyflower. They cover a lot of boats that have been build.

Measure the length and compare it to the boats on eddyflower.com There is enough information to find out what you have on that site.

pyrnaha also has a good site and
you could try contacting them.

some idea? whitewater? touring?



knee bumps?




Does it have a drop down skeg?

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