What Model is this?

I have posted this canoe for sale, but do not know the model name. It is 13 feet long, 28 inches wide with slight tumble home and 12 inches deep at center. Probably purchased in 1990 or 1991.

With fiber glass hull, what other specs can you supply?

I’m no Sawyer expert but my guess would be a Solo 13.

Looks like a Solo 13. I had one once that I left out in the woods by the river. It’s a Dave Yost design and quite a sweet little boat…paddles efficiently for a 13 and turns nicely. Yours looks to be in excellent condition. I’ve never seen that color before. More info below.

You guys might be right with Solo 13. My first thought was a Starlight, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one without the 4-way seat. I’ve definitely never seen the pink fade color scheme! Very pretty boat, and too bad I’m 2000 miles away!

My Starlight had the 4-way seat and, if IIRC, larger float tanks and more tumblehome.

Solo 13 is also my guess.

The wood is in great condition in that boat.

The pink fade color scheme may be from outside storage with only part of the hull in the sun.

If that 28" wide measurement is max beam, then likely a Starlight. If gunwale width with tumblehome, then more likely Solo 13.

I’m pretty sure that the Solo 13 has a max beam greater than 30".

back in the days pink canoes were actually not that rare… I heard DY commissioned some. Fine looking boat! But it has an odd pinky gray at the stern… It would not preclude purchase… Oxidation might be the culprit and that is easy to buff out… DY used to sell me his boats and he always stored them outside and they had dull oxidized gel coat.

IIRC, the Starlight was13’4” long.

You’re right that the Starlight was 13’4".

If you do Facebook you could post it over there on the Sawyer & other Michgan Canoes group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SawerAndMichiganCanoes/). It’s a closed goup that you would need to request to join but that should be pretty easy.

“We are getting new member requests where the prospects for membership do not answer the 3 simple screening questions. The purpose of the questions is to try and keep robots, scammers and hackers off this page. It is not, by any stretch, meant to exclude anyone with a shared interest in our mutual appreciation of these marvelous watercraft. If you are applying, please take the minute or so it takes to answer them. It helps us all. Thank you.”

Looks like a nice boat though.

Great looking boat. Wish you were closer, I’d come over to buy it! I wondered: was it always pink fading to white?