What model of canoe do I have? Old town

Got this canoe in trade. Judging by the serial number it’s a 2008. The thing is in absolute prime condition. I’m just wondering what model it is. I know there is someone on here who knows everything about old town canoes and would like to hear from them. I’ll post pictures if I can figure out how to do that. Anyway it’s 17 foot and has an expedition sticker near the bow. It’s green, has the yolk crossmember and another crossmember, molded seats, the front has a cup holder and other area for goods. I was thinking a tripper 172 but the tripper pics I see online has a tripper sticker, not expedition. Let me know what you think experts. Thanks in advance!


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Do not have cargo storage nor cup holders
Post a pic to a photo hosting site and link it here
Expedition sticker could have been put on by anyone
I'm inclined to think you have one of the Saranac models
Intended for potteing around. Not a tripping ⛵️

I posted some pictures on Pinterest. If you search the username ruger michael there is a canoe folder there. The saranac wasn’t in the old town 2008 product catalog though. In the 2008 product catalog the tripper does have contour seats with the front seat having both cup holder and storage tray. Page 18 at


I figured since it’s listed in the tripping expedition section of the catalog, that may be why the expedition stickers are on it. Looks identical to the tripper 172 with the thwarts and seats. Just wondering why the expedition sticker and why I can’t find anything about it.

I just measured the boat. Exactly 16’ 9". It must be a disco not the tripper.

Expedition 169
Also just read a post on here regarding the expedition. Apparently bass pro sold disco boats with an expedition sticker on it, not discovery, bean sold the same exact boat with west forks sticker, and dick’s sold it with a guide sticker. All the same boat made by the same people with the same material. Just a different sticker.

A disco by many names, but a Disco it is

Sounds right… so
its more a flatwater boat than the Tripper. Sadly discontinued… the Tripper… a real classic boat. But no one is taking real expeditions any more.

Disco 169
Actually Kim the 169 Disco is the Tripper Hull in three layer polyethylene. Mold was made from the Tripper dimensions, the poly just shrinks more when it cools. Same with the Disco 164 being the 17 Penobscot in poly and the 119 being the 12’Pack.