What navigator app do you use?

I recently purchased the “Backcountry Navigator PRO” app for my smartphone to use in tracking my paddling trips here in the Tampa Bay area.

I do a LOT of paddling mangrove tunnels and maze-like inlets where it is very easy to get lost…I also like how I can take a screenshot of my trip afterwards with total mileage, avg speed, etc…

Not sure it’s the best though…wondering what others use (if anything)…BNP is designed more for backpacking but works fine for paddling as well.

2 apps
PDF Maps Their map store is full of free topo maps and nautical charts. No tracking but it does put your location on the map. It’s nice that it doesn’t need internet or cell coverage to work. I also have Motion-X GPS which logs your track and has a voice to tell you your speed and distance. It also uses offline maps and only needs a gps signal to work.

It goes without saying, hopefully, that constant GPS usage will suck down your battery and you probably shouldn’t rely on a phone based app for life or death navigation.

Distance -Find My Distance
While it’s not a tracking app, the iTunes Store’s “Distance - Find My Distance” is a very useful navigational app.

A dedicated handheld gps unit
is sooooo much more reliable.

You may be right…the app tends to drain my phone battery something fierce. And it would make a good xmas gift to myself!