What, No Adirondackers here?

Any Adirondack paddlers with Spring fever out there??

You bet!
102 degrees


just inside the park waiting for ice out.Shouldnt be much longer.


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I do almost all my kayaking/camping trips in the ADK's.Me and a couple of friends do probably 6 trips a year. The first trip this year will be to Lowe's lake.We paddled to the lake on our last trip last fall, but didn't have time to stay.Because people were coming and going over the 5 days,we were car camping by the parking lot. I'm going crazy waiting for good weather.I was up by Corinth today and see that the Hudson is open.I found the canoe put-in in Hadley and think this will be the first day trip this year.

Just Saturday…
Skiing in your hometown at Gore! Told my daughter that it was probably the last outing this season. And after skiing every single Saurday and Sunday since 2nd week in January, and driving 100 miles round trip each day, I’m ready to put the skiis away and get the kayak on the water. That’s only a 20 mile round trip. Nice! And don’t have to get up at o’ dark thirty to get to training! See you on the water!

Our First Trip
We can’t wait to get out there too. We are headed to Raquette lake in early May. We go up there to the park at least 4 times a summer for wilderness camping/fishing on different bodies of water.

See ya on the the water. Buzz

As much as possible…
Don’t live in the ADKs (instead, I live on Long Island), however, I try to make one to two trips a year - spring and fall (avoiding powerboats, crowds, black flies and mosquitos…) …

Have done Indian Lake (Big, but GREAT island camping)… and looking to do Cedar River Flow… (remote, remote, remote…).

So much opportunity with so little time.

Ain’t nothing better than paddling in the ADKs!

Just a frequent visitor
and I’m hoping to visit in mid to late April…anyone of you 'dakkers know what the ice condition is on Fulton Chain? My paddle arms are itching bad.


Black Fly Season?
Is June the big month for these monsters? I’m from Va. and only know what I’ve read on-line. Definitely want to avoid them.

oh yeah
hoping to get into the St. Regis or maybe raquette river for a little spring fishing at the end of April. Thinking the ice should most likely be gone by then.

Black Flies
LOL, Been campin the Adirondacks since the late 50’s. Best times I find are before Memorial and after Labor day. The “big three”, black flies, skeeters, and people are less bothersome then!! All are pains!! Always try to have my 1st camping trip the 1st weekend in May. Can be cool but no bugs! Fishing is good n not too many folks out that early. Pick out the less traveled spots n you can find some interesting places to explore. Ya can’t put it on or use it if ya aint got it with ya!

hudson river
Have ya ever tried the Hudson at the Thurman Bridge on rt 418 out of Warrensburg. Nice canoe access site. N you can go clear to Hadley. Nice trip. Get a good topi map n find a nice place ta camp on the east side of the river. A few creeks enter the river on that side n r nice camping spots. Hudson can be tricky early with the high water so wait long enough for the level to be down!

Mid May to Early June
During this time period the black flies get more blood from us humams that the Red Cross could ever hope to extract.

The season varies with the weather, how fast it gets hot, and how wet the spring is. Once the dragonflies hatch, around Memorial Day, the black fly numbers plummet.

Keep in touch as May develops and there will be a better feel for how bad the seasom will be and when it will peak.

They aren’t any worse than Virginia mosquitoes along a tidal river at sunset, and we’ve never seen anyone actually carried off. Just the bleached skeletons at the popular leantos.

I look at 'em every morning and …
afternoon on the way to/from work. I moved to west central VT last fall and they are calling me pretty loudly. I am so glad that Lila is only a couple of hours away now. For now, I’m hoping that Otter Creek will be all open this weekend.


Our Friend, The Black Flies
The noble black fly…Defender of the Wilderness!

When they are on duty, only skilled wilderness folks dare enter the woods!

The rule of thumb for avoiding black flies is to stay out of the ADK’s between Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.

Funny how that corresponds to the best trout fishing of the year!

Hudson river
I have always wanted to check out this part of the Hudson, but it wasn’t in either of the guide books I have.[Canoe and kayak Guide,East-Central & Quiet Water canoe guide New York] Any info on that section you could pass along would be great! The last time we want on a paddle without a guide book, we ended up dragging our boats over giant,slippery rock for about 2.5 miles. Didn’t get off the river until after dark! We now refer to it as the death march for hell.

Adirondacks forever

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My wife is a very dedicated kayaker; estimates somewhere around 1000 miles paddled last year, over 170 outings.

Me, I went kayaking locally a couple of times. Too much work & I'm way too slow. Paddled Erie Canal, Lake Erie, & a few creeks in WNY. Was not my way of fun -- until we ended up going to a B&B in Saranac Lake area. We went to Osgoode Pond to paddle, got about half way across, and I said to my wife: "I have to paddle to the end & turn around & paddle back?!" (I was not having fun).

But once we passed White Pines Great Camp & started going down the river & it got more remote & narrower & narrower, with bald eagles flying around, I liked it. My wife kept saying, "You want to turn around?" But I just wanted to keep going & going, and did not want that moment to end (serenity & peace of mind).

Went to Axton's Landing & Bog River that weekend. I am hooked for life! Before leaving, I booked three more nights in Sept. at the B&B so we could paddle in the Adirondacks again.

Since then, we have done some central Pa. & southern Ohio trips with some of the p-netters.

Wife actually sleeps in a tent now! With all the money we saved on B&Bs, she bought me a brand new Swift Shearwater canoe. I'm now looking for island camping in ADKs.

Thank God for the Adirondacks!

Very Cool, Hopsing! - NM

Planning ADK canoe trips
I have canoeing fever and have planned several trips.

ADK sponsored trip up the Oswegatchie River with a possible hike to Cat Mtn Apr 27-29

A bushwhack canoe overnight trip down the upper Kunjamuk River in May 19-20.

An overnight trip down the Tioughnioga River in early June.

An overnight trip up the Spy Lake outlet to Spy Lake.

The General Clinton Grand Prix Relay Race on May 27. A slideshow is available depicting our 2005 race team.

A multi-day, multi-portage Lows Lake-Oswegatchie River-Cranberry Lake-Lows Lake Loop around July 28th.

A Cranberry Lake or Susquehanna River fishing trip with Len or my brother.

A ~6 day Spanish River, Ontario trip August 11-19. View a slideshow of our 2003 trip.

Adirondack Info
Hi. Everyone if your lookin for more information on the dacks i would suggest stopping by the adkforum.com loads of great information there and they have a paddling section too.