What RM LV Sea kayaks for us?

So, to keep the family above water, our kayaks were sold last fall. Now I’ve learned that there’s a possibility of a deferred com payment this year that might allow me to get back into paddling. While I’d prefer a 'glass boat, going with poly might allow me to buy two boats so my 16 year old son could paddle with me. We’ve had a Pintail, Slipstream & Looksa IV (lv glass) that fit us fairly well. Any suggestions on longer RM boats that would be comparable in fit to these 3?

Provide weight/height numbers.

Regarding the price - what did you sell your glass boats for? (Rhetorical question)

What are plastic kayaks retailing for?

How much are they used?

How much does a used glass boat depreciate?

My son is 5’8"- maybe 135-140# (no butt)& I’m 5’5" & 130#. As for resale price, it is definitely market-driven. I’m asking the question as, due to weight-gain, I’d been paddling a 'glass Skerray. Now I’ve dropped the weight (and still losing)and can go back to a lower volume boat but can’t afford any of the glass boats I’ve seen lately.


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I am quite sure someone will supplement the list,

I have experience with these:
VCP Avocet RM or PH Capella 166 RM would probably be a good fit for your son
PH Capella 160 RM might be a good fit for you.
As you know, personal fit is very important, you need to try them.

http://www.riversidekayak.com/ in Wyandotte, MI is an excellent kayaking shop. They also have discussion board, check it out.

Edit - just noticed their specials, http://www.riversidekayak.com/About/Specials/index.htm

I am thinking about getting rid of VCP Avocett RM, y2005, quite gently used.

Other models,
Tempest 165, for son or you
Necky Chatham, for son or you
Necky Elisa, for you
Current Designs Squamish, probably better for you.

hey girlfriend :smiley:
Some not yet mentioned:

CD Squall for him.

CD Squamish for him

Necky Elaho (the older ones) for you.

All were popular models and you should be able to track down used ones at good prices.

Have to add an enthusiastic vote for the Avocet RM for you.

Necky Eliza RM came out barely 2 seasons ago, not likely to find many around.

Gotta keep up with you
We were considering rec boats so Justin or the other one could take a friend but then I’d be left in the dust or should I say spray if I went out with anyone else. Just gotta be careful not to buy something I couldn’t turn around if either me or Jeff loses our job.

I’m your size mostly
5 lbs more and an inch less, but close enough. A few quick thoughts:

Agree with the CD Squall for your son - easy to find used and it’ll work fine for him. Or see if some of their newer designs for smaller (as opposed to really small) paddlers are available in plastic.

As to you, the Elaho will fit you OK but be prepared to add about 20 or so pounds of ballast if you want to get the best waterline. Again though, lots used. I’d suggest that you look around for the WS Eliza sized for you as well = availability may be an issue especially if you want it used, but if you can find one it’ll probably do you a little better than the Elaho.

You really are a Valley Avocet LV, but it’s such a new boat I don’t know what your odds are of finding one in plastic.

we’ll both be on the move this season.

Saw a preview of the new improved springrobin when we snowshoed. Ain’t no stoppin’ you now. You’ll need a boat to keep up w. YOU…

Get yer boat & mark yer calendar. Spring Confluence

April 24-26 at Ludington. Justin welcome as well.

Check w. Ron (B.P) about an Avocet as they use Avocets for class boats. you prolly have his email; PM me if not.


Avocet LV

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just came out last season in glass, not avail in plastic yet.

Demo'd one last year, excellent boat.

Avocet LV
Tried it last year and it was snug last year but yeah, only in glass AFIK but I’m not a dealer.

Valley Nordkapp RM
Super kayak!

The Avocet is a fun boat that would probably would work for both you and your son. It is made from some of the most durable plastic available and will hold its resale value. Good luck finding one used though. Not too fond of the plastic Eliza - paddle it first before considering it.

Aquanaut LV?

How goes the search?
Just noticed this had been bumped up and thought I’d ask.