What Sawyer Canoe is this?

All the inside tag says for model is: “ Sawyer 16 “. It says Goldenglass on the outside but the lady says it Kevlar. She is asking $1000 which I think is way too high.

It’s the blue canoe on right

Looks like they’re going for around $500. Couldn’t find much info but they were all fiber glass from what I saw.

Looks like a Sport - 16’ X 36" @ around 63 lbs. Goldenglass was Sawyer’s proprietary fiberglass blend. Nice canoe but as noted, the price is way too high.

Goldenglass is not all fiberglass. Mostly, but not all. It was Sawyer’s proprietary layup that was mostly fiberglass with Kevlar reinforcements.

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When checking the width is that 36” at the outer rails or maximum width?

Sawyers are great boats. I have a had a Cruiser 17’9" and a the 18 1/2 foot model called a Charger.
If the glass is in good shape and not spongy I would go as high as $600.