What seat/backrest would work best?

Well, I bought a seat for my Frenzy at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $30. It was the only one of this sort they had, and looks extremely similar to this one:


I hooked it up, sat down, leaned back, and didn’t feel much support. No matter how I configured it, it just didn’t support my back very well. Is this typical? I picture myself leaning back and leisurely casting…as the sun slowly sets…the moon shimmering off the lake… Any ideas? Anyone have a similar experience? Solutions?

Thanks for your help!


That’s a regular height seat. The thing
to do with it is to adjust the back untill it feels comfortable. I like a fairly upright position for my back and, in fact, my seat is tilted a bit forward. If its adjusted right, you’ll feel support, though not as much as with a high back seat. But, if not on the water more than a couple of hours, it won’t bother you much.

I’ve got a Surf to Summit Fisherman
It’s all right. Once I get separately secured rod holders onto the boat, I’ll probably replace it with just a back strap. However, I’m only concerned with lower back support. With the higher back of the Fisherman seat, I wear a wading belt (basically a flexible lifting belt)to give my lower back the support it needs.

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Harmony Deluxe
I use a Harmony Deluxe High Back Seat ($100) and I love it. I can paddle for hours without a break. It also has the storage pack on the back that is removable.

Hey Clay, where did you get your seat?
If you don’t mind I’d like to know where you got that seat I’ve been looking at verious ones and have only found two or three that look worth the money.