What should I pay for a 2005 Pungo 120?

… on Cape Cod. Going to see this boat today - looks in good shape, let’s assume it’s basically sound. No console or other extras - can I get a console that will fit a boat this old? Not sure the footrests can be adjusted short enough for me (I’m 5’5") - will find out. Thanks, anyone!!

There was an original Pungo Classic 120 with a small plastic rear hatch cover, and the newer Pungo 120 with a larger rubber rear hatch cover. I don’t know when they stopped making the “Classic”. Do you know which one this is?

Depends on condition. How much is new similar Pungo 1200? Pictures of it? Video of it now to stern too and bottom is what I ask for. 30-35% of new if in nice shape.


Here’s a Pungo 140 in that area for $400. In case you’re interested in a longer one. No pic but if in decent condition that seems like a pretty good price.

Mine must be in between those two - HIN indicates it’s a 2010. It has a large oval hatch in the stern, with a hinged plastic cover. No front bulkhead. Terrible seat. No console insert, but we got it as a pretty used rental, so that may or may not be missing. I think we got it about 5 years ago for $250, but it was pretty beat up and patched from college students dragging it.

If you purchase tis kayak for a low enough price…ask a Pungo 120 owner to let you try his/her Konsole to see if it will fit. The original “WS Konsole” with bungee, can be purchased new for about $85. As jchaase mentioned - make sure the stern hull is not worn out from dragging.

Thanks so much, all who responded!

I have two circa 2010 duralite 140 pungos. Nice fast stable boat within design parameters. My niece has a 140 and 120 in roto plastic. Much heavier. Hatch covers went from pressed on rubber type to the leverage style… I can check if they interchange if needed. The consoles have differnt hatch covers as well but they do interchange between models. Replacement Phase 3 whole back is available on line for $89. I bought aftermarket back pad for $49 (can give source if needed). It is UV resistant version. A standard looking version is available from same source for $24, but not UV resistant fabric. Source opined it is fine if stored out of sunlight. The bottoms were as rare as hens teeth. I bought last one for $42, restock was a month away before anticipated delivery. I found them at wilderness website for $17, pad only, no push clips. Bought four, no shipping fee. But not sure if itvwas a dollar amount. I need to find pins, probably Harbor Freight. The pins get deformed removing and stress of shifting in seat would probably pull reused one out. Simple to find I think.

Not to talk you out of it. Very good rec boat. Limitations are no deck rope, but you can get kit cheap. Stainless screws will cost more. Please do not use non-stainless, I bought a boat from a Fred who used non stainless. They disintegrate so you can’t remove but have to drill out and risk hitting the plastic boat. Home depot has I think #8-28 and use stainless w/nylon lock nuts for fitting. Also has no front bulkhead. I think the new ones may have one. At least the 140 does if I remember, but that can be remedied as well if you want a safety margin. Mainly make sure you wear a vest. Aftermarket 3" neoprene foam, is $54 but covers two boats. Cut but with bandsaw. Press fit. Then caulk with Lexel ($9 @ Lowes). Those two upgrades nkt needed, but give you a vastly improved and safer boat. It still has limitations, such as width, low deck, but that’s a plus in a way, because it reduces wind pushing you. Pegs should be adjustable to your length. I changed out of a Pungo, my favorite boat, for a 145 Tsunami which has the same stability, but tighter cockpit. It basically handles waves up to 30-36, compared to the 140 Pungo. Never drove a 120 , but keep it in water with waves under 12-18 inches and you should be thrilled.

Curious if you don’t like the seat, or if the seat is damaged. Wilderness seats are generally in high regarded. The adjustments are not always understood, but ask if you need clarification. Glad to help answer any questions about the boat or its performance capability. I do know it can be pushed at 4.6 mph in conditions described above. I clocked a guy on my last time out going 4.5 mph over 1/4 mile. More impressive was that when he stopped to wipe his face several time from the workout, it continued on a nice glide from the momentum. Good hull shape… Delends on your engine. 120 should do it as well. My 125 Tsunami performs similar.

The guy I talked to had two. He said he stores them on his dock. I mentioned UV damage. He said, yeah, one deck got brittle and cracked. 3M 303 is expensive. But it is know for UV shield. Do Not put on the contact surface of the hatch seal area. The hatch will pop off if you thump the deck (airtight compartment)

If bungees stretch and hold a set be very cautious of hull damage. I can give advice for stringing bungee.

I could be wrong about the large rear cover being rubber vs hinged. I was just going by photos. But the "Classic’ had a very small plastic rear hatch cover - only five or six inches in diameter.

I’m buying a 2000 composite kayak that is 4000 now. It’s in great shape. Stored in a boat house and used in fresh water only for 700. Just to give you an idea of values. Four others 99-02 similar cost now 4+ they were all 900 even my 22’ tandem Libra XT which is 5500 now.

I got a 08 Solstice GT in 10 for 1800 with paddle and accessories which would have been 4200 at the time. You hear all the time but this guy used it 4 times one tiny scratch on the bottom. He took it literally down two blocks on the cart and launched it. He said he never got into to it.

If you not in a rush the deals come you need to look daily and pounce.

Unfamiliar with the term “classic”. I followed the pungo when I bought mine. They added the lever operated hatch, as on my niece’s boat. The boats were $6oo each. 140 and 120. I watervtested my the Hammerman on Gunpowder, MD. I felt the 140 was critical for my needs. So I can insist you should buy that size, but I it was only a 39 lbs (or 42 lbs) and a pick up bed to carry it. My niece has a SUV with rack. Loading a roto molded 140 onto a roof is moyder! The120 is heavy enough. Know what you need, what you can store, what you can carry. Then stay within the limitations of the boat and you will love it. The console can be optional if you buy one. Install when you need it. It will redirect water from a bow plunge and shades your legs so you don’t burn and wind up looking like Thema and Louise cruising Nevada in convertible. I envy the feeling I had jumping my shiny new Pungo. I consider it a good transition boat. It’s the FIRST rec of my many I put someone in. Main difference between size is safe weight capacity 25 lb difference and the hull speed.

Sweet to find nice things. I saw a long composite or fiberglass160 pro Tsunsmi. Excellent shape on consignment at Shanks Mare Outfitters by York. And another, some beauty in kevlar that was im mac u late! The owner put miles on it but I think he wiped it down with a chamois, then gave a wax coat, every use. If I were a dog. I’d want to live with him. To bad I’m an offey 230 lb gallute with fat feet. Why do you trim guys get all the good toys? Glad somebody has them. I hate seeing a tool sit on the shelf and not get used.

First, it was just the 12 foot Pungo from the original mold. They sold it for a while after releasing the new Pungo 100, 120 and 140 but called it the Pungo Classic then. Victory kayaks, sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods, must have bought or licensed the molds because for a while there was also a Victory Navigator kayak that looked identical to the original Pungo (Classic).

Dang! I knew there was some mixing but not that. Also forgot about the Pungo 10. I’m not partial to 10 ft boat. At the risk of offending 10 ft boat owners, the safe/max capacity load limit is too low. It’s designed for a small paddler who has to overreach to move it. Yet it takes a big paddler to reach beyond the width, but the large paddler overloads the weight limit.

The irony is that big power people hate 30 inch boats and actually want boats they can’t fit. Like 21 inches that has a longer water line length with a greater hull speed. It’s designed backwards. I bought one because it was fun. It wasn’t until I ran up against actual issues that I got woked. The Pamlico is a strange model. Im.not sure why it’s there. I think the 140 Pungo was discontinued. Pity.