what should i upgrade to?

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hello everyone hope ya weekend is going ok so far . I wonder what kayak i should upgrade to .I live on a huge lake in northern ga and i just love to explore . It has to have storage for my kayak cart and water. Right now i have a pelican pursuit 100 that i love other then the seat hurts my back. So what kayak should i upgrade to i would like speed and storage ability and to be able to use it in windy days .Ps what are youre thought on the pelican pusuit 100 ? I got it with a paddle and kayak cart for the sum of 200 bucks. o i see otheres include there weight im 5 foot 5 and 165 lbs but i plan to lose weight down to 140

you say you love the kayak…but hate the seat…

Replace the seat.

would you sell a house because you didn’t like the couch or easy chair that came with it?

Best Wishes


wont work i dont think
sadly the seat is part of the kayak like its all one piece except the back rest even the back rest looks like it would be hard to replace

how tough are they
I also was wondering how strong the plastic is they call it ram-z can it handle hitting rocks at 5 mph? im so paranoid when paddling but we have hidden things all over this lake since the drought

boats are on the lowest rung of the kayak ladder. The good news is you’ve spent very little on it and could resell it and get back most of what was spent if the seat were fixed in some way. Not sure how much you want to spend on a better kayak but for paddling a huge lake you should be demoing boats that are longer than the 10 footer you’ve been using. Go to a kayak demo and try some 14 foot boats. You will be much better off.

lake lanier
i guess ill keep it for a bit to i get better im still very new to this ps this is the lake the 1996 Olympics was on and still lots of training going on here talk about cool stuff them guys fly . still wonder how strong my pelican is can it hit rocks?

Go hit dem Rocks
Your Pelican can bounce off many rocks and it won’t hurt the boat but it will still hurt your back. Get some foam to jam down in there around the seat back and enjoy your kayak.

took me so long to even save for this yak so im hopeing ti will last a while used kayaks down here are like gold

staying with yak for a bit
i thought and i will keep my pelican for a year or so.then save up for a Carolina 12 or 14 .i still have so much to learn and this yak i have seem like its ok for a bit but someday i want faster yak