What size canoe?

Hey guys… First post as I just found this site the other day… I’m looking at getting my first canoe… Found and Old Town 14.6 or should I get a 16 discovery? I have a 9 and 6 year old sons… Most times it’ll only be the 9 year old… I’ve got a friend who camped with two kids in his 14 footer and just didn’t know which one would be most practical… In most cases we’ll just be out farting around… BUT, I would like to do some canoe camping… Thoughts??

Do the sons “fart around too” ?

Jack L

Well, when it comes to getting ready to go some where, they can take forever… :slight_smile: Going to look at canoes again today… Some people say the 14.5 is good and some say 16… The thing is, they will grow and I don’t want us to out grow a 14.5 canoe… We’ve got a big lake locally and really like the idea of day trips, but want the option to camp …

The 16 would be best in my opinion. Will carry the three of you for a while plus gear.

Good luck and enjoy the time!

Might want to think about demoing a

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17' or larger tandem. Excellent stability and efficiency. A dedicated tandem will give everyone a chance to paddle comfortably and grow with the boat.... $.01.

Thanks guys… Went and picked up a Mad River 167 Journey… Really excited as are my kids to take it out tomorrow…

Sounds great.

size canoe
Bigger is better nearly all the time. I like 17-19 foot canoes. I have a wood and canvas OT Guide that is 18 feet. I paddle it solo often. Your kids are going to get bigger and your trips will get longer. Get a boat big enough for the job, which means at least 17 feet.

hooooly cow
88 or 91 lbs?

Have fun… Most likely you wont be taking it on Boundary Waters portaging trips.

what canoe
There are plenty of large tripping canoes over 17 feet that weigh less than 50 pounds. Some popular models in the BWCA are the Wenonah Kevlar boats in the 18 and 19 foot range.

Depends some on the design
I’ve done 2 weeks tandem comfortably from a 16’ Prospector.