What size cockpit is Grand Illusion (17-1/2 X 32-1/2")

I have a neoprene cockpit cover (to keep rain and critters out) that I like but it’s starting to get a bit ragged. I’d like to have a replacement ready to go. I see a couple of options but not 100% sure of size. Would 17-1/2 X 32-1/2" be a 1.7?

I’ve got an Illusion - about an inch narrower than the Grand.
These days I only use Reed sprayskirts, which use a different size coding.

See spray skirt numbers for another thread on this topic.
(Marshall says that the number represents the circumference of the cockpit (in meters) )

The 1.7 you talk about is proprietary sizing from Seals Sprayskirts. I went to their sprayskirt sizing chart (Seals Sprayskirts - Sizing) and plugged in Sterling and Grand Illusion and it comes up as made to order. That usually mans that the standard sizes wouldn’t fit all that well.

Thanks. I did the same thing and saw that also. However, when I go to the Sterling site, they explicitly say 1.7, so I went ahead and ordered the cockpit cover. I will see how it goes but I assume it will fit OK.

I think it will fit fine. Similar to a solstice CD

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I have a 1.7 on my GI. Fits snug. Works fine.