What size kayak should I be looking for?

Here’s the meat and potatoes of it then we can go from there. I am 5’9" and 270 I know I’m working on that. I did white water canoeing in high school 20 some odd yrs ago. Just rented my first kayak two weeks ago and fell in love with the sport. So i have been talking to local shop but wanted 2nd opinion. So far I have paddled a 10’ rec, 14’rec, not sure of brand, a 14.5’ eddyline thermomolded, 14.5 rotomolded forget the name. But this is my experience thus far.

Plans for said kayak are lakes, slow rivers, maybe a trip to everglades. 2or 3 day camping trip? if more info is needed let me know.

local shop said the 14.5’ eddyline was a bit small for me and thought i should look in the neighborhood of a 16-17’

Thanks for your input.

Sit on top Kayak?

Check Craigslist. This time of year there are alot of deals. I’m new to kayaking and that advise saved me a ton. I found a 15ft. Ocean Kayak with paddle and dolly for $450. If I don’t like it I can easily sell it for that or more this spring. I also picked up a 120 Tarpon for $475 with paddle.

I’m 6ft., 190 and both work great for me.

oversized paddler
Not looking for a sit on top thinking more along the lines of a sea or touring kayak Thanks

Size kayak
You are a large human and plan overnight trips with equipment. Get yourself a large boat in the 17-18 foot range with a nice large cockpit you can get out of if you need to. It will be stable, fast, and much safer for you to paddle. Don’t be fooled by all the small cheap boat hype.

Two for your size

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The wilderness systems Pungo 140 will do all the things you want to do and handle your weight well.

Another one that comes to mind is the Wilderness systems Tsunami 175 it is truly big.

For more kayaks for fat paddlers look here:


What was the Eddyline?
The Equinox and the Journey should fit you, I think. The Equinox is slow. The Journey is better.

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