what size paddle? 6'2"

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I need help please trying to figure out
1. what size and
2. what type
paddle I should get. I'm 6'2" and will be paddling a 12' "yak" (Ultimate Native if that has any bearing) in calm lakes and marsh creeks.

Don't need anyting fancy, just something to move me around I guess. Won't be breaking any speed records in my boat.

I'm looking at a Harmony Estuary paddle (for price reasons), $25. Here's it's specs:
17x7 blade
60dgr feather
3lb 10oz
dihedral blade, alum shaft

OR should I consider, as a noob paddler,

a Harmony Tortuga Fiberglass touring paddle for $80?
Blade length:18-½”
Blade width: 6-¼”
2 lb. 6 oz.
Fiberglass shaft
Blended glass and nylon blade

Thanks for your help!

paddle weight
I would suggest that a bit of money spent up-front on the lighter paddle will likely pay off over the time you use it…

about these paddles
are these the only two paddles at the Dick’s Sporting Goods by your house? Of course they are both fine, but now all the debating insues about first paddle quailty. If you go cheap you will have a beast of a paddle. It will be heavy and a little less eligant. More Money will get you a better feeling and lighter paddle. Now next season there is a good chance that you will want a new paddle. There is an Auful good chance you are guiding yourself through buying your first paddle. Now how do you think you will do choosing for yourself? Yes we are typing you answers, but none of us see you, your paddle, your boat, anything but what you wrote.

A lovely Bending Branches Impression wood paddle is the same weight as your more expensive choice (and is more expensive than that one). I personally am a fan of the buy a beater first paddle since you get a new one soon. others say buy good since you may have this item for 20 years. If it were me I would buy the $25 one, not tell anyone on this site, then buy a used something else when you know more about your style.


oh yes go for a 230, you’ll be happier.

Go short
210 is good. No longer than 220.

Try the paddlesbefore you buy
in your boat. Rec boats tend to be wide and you don’t want to be banging your knuckles.My guess would be 220-230.

Harmany paddles are good paddles

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for you to start with. I did and still have one or two. Think I paid about $25 too. ;^)

In the mean time here is something on paddles that might be of interest to you. http://placidboatworks.com/Paddlefit.html



Thanks for all your helpful replies!

Are the two-section breakdown paddles a good idea w.poor execution? That seems attractive for my situation since I’d prefer to transport my paddle in the cabin or trunk of my car.

Just wondering if anyone’s had experience with breakdowns.

Can be great if done correctly. Can be

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a bit of a pain if done poorly. Same have stuck badly. Keep them clean and disassembly frequently. If too tight, carefully and evenly sand with very fine grit sand paper. I have two piece paddles costing from about $35 (metal coupler), thru intermediate (wood/metal) to almost $400 (composite). Most always stored and transported taken apart and clean. Never had one stick. I'm sure others will provide even more info.