what size paddle

Just picked up a gently used pungo 120 for $200 this weekend. wasn’t even in the market to add to the fleet but, it seemed like too good a deal to pass up.

what size paddle ? 220? Mostly will be used in the jersey pine barrens streams and coastal estuaries.

depends on you
Paddle length depends not just on the boat but on your own biometrics and technique. How tall are you in the upper body? Do you use a high or low angle stroke? A short-waisted person who paddles at a low angle with little torso rotation might need a 230 cm or even a 240 cm in such a wide kayak (29") to avoid banging their knuckles on the gunwales. On the other hand, a tall and broad shouldered paddler who uses a more aggressive high-angle stroke and narrower blade might get away with a 210 cm.

Since it sounds like you already have some boats, why don’t you just try whatever paddle you already own with it? You should quickly be able to determine if you need something longer or shorter.

Fit Guides
As willowleaf says the correct paddle length is a function of torso length, arm length, boat width, paddling style, personal preference, etc.

Several paddle manufacturers websites have fit guides that should narrow it down for you though.

Try these for a start…






This will explain it all