What SOT will suit my needs?

I’ve been wet testing these kayaks: rotomod mambo, rotomod ocean duo and cobra explorer.

I need the kayak for spearfishing, fishing and to take the kid for a short spin in calm water.

I’ve been mostly impressed with the cobra explorer but it’s material seems a little thiner that the other kayaks.

Am I right about this?

Any problems known about the Cobra? are they repairable?

Thanks in advance for any help.

The first two boats are completely foreign to me. They could be great. Further, I don’t know squat about spear fishing. However, for run-of-the-mill fishing, the Cobra Explorer is one of the most ‘pedigreed’ SOT kayaks and is popular with experienced and inexperienced paddlers alike. The worst I’ve heard said of it is that it has ‘hull slap’ in a chop, and that it’s slow. As things wrong with a kayak go, those are pretty minor things. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something better, but it does mean that there are many, many people that use the Explorer for fishing and general recreation purposes and are very pleased with its performance.

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Which Boat…
Well, let me see if I can help you out a bit.

First of all, since this is my first post on www.paddling.net let me say that I am the Director of Marketing, Promotions & Advertising for Cobra Kayaks. (This way no one accuses me of trying to push a certain brand on you. )

OK, I have never heard of either the Rotomod Mambo & Rotomod Duo, so I will simply stick with the Cobra Explorer.

Cobra Kayaks are made from Superlinear Medium Density Poly Ethelene. A 100% weldable material. Many kayaks are made from Crosslinked Poly Ethelene, which is NOT a repairable material, which is why Cobra does not use it.

We engineer our boats to be as light as possible, yet rigid enough to withstand the abuse inherent in ALL water sports, At the same time, we also offer a lifetime warranty to ensure that should anything happen, your investment in a premium quality Cobra is assured.

As always, I strongly suggest you try as many makes and models of Kayaks as you can in order to ensure you get the kayak that best suits your needs, and if you are planning on taking a child with you on a regular basis, be sure to check out the Cobra Fish-n-Dive. This yak is a stablee platform for all your fishing and diving activities, and also has a rear facing jump seat at the front of the kayak for a child to sit securely in while you both enjoy a day on the water.

Hope this helps out.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at ric@cobrakayaks.com.


Ric Hawthorne

Cobra Kayaks

Thanks to both of you!!! :slight_smile:

Hey Rikshaw
If you ever somebody to test a Cobra for fishing rivers in the East, you’ve got a volunteer. An absolutely independent (and glowing!) review is guaranteed. The longer the ‘loan’ the better the review. Don’t forget the thigh straps and back belt! :^)

Seriously, though, thanks for chiming in. Welcome to the board. Good folks here.

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Inquiring minds want to know…
Any changes in store for the Cobra Tourer? I have one and love it - owned a Prowler 15 and just like the Tourer better, but that ol’ devil hull slap…

Zoharfi, I cannot tell, from your
profile, where you will be fishing. I just replied to another thread concerning SOT or SINK for yak fishing. Absolutely, check out as many yaks as you can. Most of us have been through the trial and error phase and now understand our particular requirements. Safety first, if you plan to take a youngster with you in the same boat. I take my grandkids with me, but they are in their own yaks and are strong swimmers and have been thoroughly trained in self rescue, exits, etc. Fish hooks, kids, dogs, etc. are not a good mix in the same yak.

Zoharfi, I spear also, and finding

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a kayak with adequete room for my 48" seahornet with a 60" inch shaft has always been a problem.
Hull slap is a major thing when freediving, it's bad enough fish already now you're there, but surface noise really spooks wary ones like black grouper. The Necky Dolphin was fast and quiet but has little storage, the Necky Spike was easier to get in and out of. but again ,little storage. Islander Moku was better on storage and quiet but much slower. The Scupper pro has cavernous storage but is unaccessable on the water. (a giant tank well would be great) The Islander Ventura is fairly quiet, large tank well, but the wettest yak I've ever paddled. Still have not found the perfect yak to spear from, but it would have the Dolphin bow ,the tarpon 140 cockpit;(flat so you can stand up) and an extra long tank well. If you can find a Dagger Cayman try it , they had a great design but no longer make them. and of course try the tarpon 140, it's one hell of a boat, I've only gotten to demo one but I was very impressed. As for the cobra, I've never paddled one so I can't give an informed opinion, but I do like the lines of their yaks, and the large forward hatch optimizes storage, hull slap would be my only concern with them. Good yakhunting, Lee
The Duo and mambo are scows to paddle,and topside storage is marginal, those two dept store boats I'd pass on; you'd be wanting something else in a week.

Zoharfi-you might want to check out
the Kaskazi Kayak website for some superyaks. If need to power your yak-the Kingfisher might be the ticket. Don’t recommend the SEDA REVENGE.

We just purchased the RTM (Rotomod) Mambo for our son. He had been using the OK Frenzy this past summer. The Mambo is identical to the Frenzy and is slightly less money. He has used it on flat water and a good chop while fishing or just enjoying the day. No problems. It does have a little wave slap on choppy water, but he manages well.

RTM Kayaks
I have an RTM Tango and it is a great boat for fishing, The RTM kayaks seem to be built better than most as they have molded inserts and stainless steel d rings for all the attachments as opposed to the pop rivets which can leak on the other brands. My boat paddles great and is very stable.


You might try
The Perception Caster 12.5. I just bought one, and really love it. I can’t say enough good stuff about the little thing. So stable that I can stand up on the thing, and I weigh in just over 300!!!

I fish from a Walden Cuda most of the year. It is set up with a rudder system and rod and taclke holders. There is space behind the seat for storage as well as the front hatch. It is 32" wide and make for a easy exit and entry out of the boat ( flats fishing ). It has a built in paddle holder on the side that can easily double as a sling or speargun holder. Not to mention Walden just announced they are going out of buisness ( bought out i believe )and you can pick a new one up at a big reduction in price. If I go to Florida again this year I am taking it with me and plan to do some spear fishing out of it myself.