What SOT will suit my needs?

What SOT will suit my needs?

I’ve been wet testing these kayaks: rotomod mambo, rotomod ocean duo and cobra explorer.

I need the kayak for spearfishing, fishing and to take the kid for a short spin in calm water.

I’ve been mostly impressed with the cobra explorer but it’s material seems a little thiner that the other kayaks.

Am I right about this?

Any problems known about the Cobra? are they repairable?

Thanks in advance for any help.:slight_smile:

Look at WS Tarpon. A perfect fit for
everything you want except the kid, unless it is a short trip.

I think I’ll go with the explorer, here we don’t yet have the tarpons only the viper…

I’m not selling Tarpons , but I know
people who have paddled both, which I would recommend before you buy. I’ll bet there is a p.netter near you with a Tarpon you can try.

Well actualy not…
Here in Israel, there is one importer for the entire country for these kayaks, I was at his shop 3 days ago, he said that the tarpon 100 will arrive at April, he did not have a price tag.

I’m not willing to wait that long.

The explorer has better spec, only 18 kilo(40lb) and takes 181kilo (400lb) of payload, the tarpon does not beat that.

go with the Cobra Explorer
My husband and I started paddling with the Wilderness Ripper SOTs, but wanted something longer, but not heavier. We have been extremely pleased with the Explorer. It glides along effortlessly in a steady track; has tons of storage space. My husband recently acquired a few scratches on bottom of hull as a result of running up on some oyster beds in salt marsh. He check Cobra website and plans to order stuff from them to fill in/smooth over scratches in same color as his kayak. Have fun.

Thanks! very helpfull :slight_smile:

The Tarpon 13 Is a Tandem
The Tarpon 13 can be used tandem or single. Any other tandem boats are generally huge and heavy.

Chek this out.
http://www.kayakfishingstuff.com/choosing_a_fishing_kayak.asp This link should help you out. It’s from a kayak fishing group that favors SOT and reviews them. FishHawk