What the best way to ship a kayak?

Which company would you use and how do you package it up?

Custom kayak shipper
Steve Skinner 1-585-313-9467

I Paid $189 for Fed Ex
I had an RTM Disco shipped from Florida to California for $189.

The guys at Action Sports and/or RTM did a great packing with bubble wrap, cheese colt, and cardboard

2nd on using Steve at K.A.S. Transport
Have shipped 3 composite boats through Steve with not a scratch. 2 didn’t even get wrapped, the 3rd I wrapped only because the customer asked that it be done. He uses a dedicated boat trailer and hauls them himself, at least he was the one who picked up the 3 different boats I shipped to customers. I believe both Kayakpro and Seda ship with him often. Nice guy.

Dont<br /> I wouldnt use Forward Air ,I could tell you a long story about a damaged boat they didn`t want to pay for ,it took months to get them to pay!

I have had kayaks sent to me USPS
Priority mail with great results.

Here’s what I’d do…

…check and see if anyone is driving and maybe you

can get a shuttle. You might get lucky.

I’ve transported boats for people that way.

Sometimes you have to make a couple of hops.

From where to where?
See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Jax, FL to Moab, Utah NM

roof rack or trailer
is the best bet. No matter how good a big shipper is, i would much prefer to have my boat on a rack or trailer. If you can find a fellow paddler with an itenerary and time frame that matches up, give 'em some gas money and go that route.

shipping a kayak
I shipped a kayak {CLC} with Forward Air. I was in the warehouse watching when they hit a piller with my wooden kayak and knocked it off the forktruck. They would not pay damages. The next time, I had Steve Skinner at KAS Transport bring a woodstrip kayak. Not a scratch and lakeside delivery. Steve answers his phone and keeps you,{a kid waiting for a new toy} posted. Highly recommend Steve.

Just contacted Steve to move a kayak from MD to CT and caught him just right where he is going to pick it up Wed and have to me by the weekend. That is really the main issue with using KAS is synching up your boat delivery with his current/future location and direction he is traveling as he makes pretty much continuous loops back and forth across the US. I just happened to hit it perfect, and know Steve is very careful with his load and is only $150 for this trip.


Ken, Save $$$ and Make $$$!
–Just sell it to me, next time

I’m down in Jacksonville!

(Just the Seaward, not the SOT.)

how about up and down I-5?
anyone who specializes in that?

another thumbs up for steve and KAS
I’ve had boats shipped several different ways (forward air, FedEx, Old Dominion, etc.) and for a glass sea kayak, nothing beats a private shipper that specializes in kayaks and canoes. Steve of K.A.S was great to work with and I KNEW the boat would arrive without a scratch (which it did).