what the bigest mistake ya made

with ya kayak me well i store it inside so no one will steal it well cat thought it was a huge litter box lol

Not planning ahead

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Went for a winter paddle with friends on the Huron.
Ate all my food at lunchtime, drank all my hot tea for lunch.
THEN I flipped my kayak in the afternoon,
went for a swim in icy cold water wearing wetsuit.

Got nothing to eat, or drink, shivering violently
and I lost my glasses with a Croakies floaty attached,
as the current ripped them from my head.

Took forever to get warm again without food or hot drink.
The drive home took 3 times as long since
I really need my glasses to drive a vehicle.

Always keep reserve food, drink, glasses, etc., etc.
as you never know when a swim will occur kayaking.
Redundant spare gear can and will save the day.

loseing glasses 4 me
would be awefull i cant see anything with out them .im lucky lanier never get to cold

Is that your question? How to teach your
cat to paddle? Or how to paddle your cat? Or have you not discovered our Discussion Forum?

opps this is in wrong place?
sorry for that ill pay more attn next time

I once went on a 4 day wilderness trip and at the frist campsite I descovered that i didn’t have the fly for my hammock! Fortunatly It didn’t rain the first night,and the next day ran into a wonder gentelman that insisted I take his cooking fly. I treasure it to this day.


not scouting rapids
Running a small dam during a race.

Nice time bouncing down the river bottom for a 100 yards.

Lost more time if I had scouted first.

Trying to communicate on the internet.

Went on a 4 day trip

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and had never used my water filter. Bit of a learning experience and considering that that was the only source of water I had, a little worrying.

My MSR filter has an o-ring on the actual filter and that o-ring comes off very easily. Since you're usually using the filter over the water, and the o-ring doesn't float, ya gotta be real careful with it. I lost it once, but luckily the water was shallow and I could feel it on the bottom. The mighty Missouri is extremely muddy so I couldn't see it. I've since bought the MSR repair kit so I'll have spares.

Oh, and g2d, this is advice. If you own an MSR filter, carry spare parts.

wrapping the painter

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of the canoe around the front fender of a vehicle. Painer gradually worked itself out and under the tire where it got caught up and pulled the canoe off the roof racks. Fortunatly only going about 10mph. End result lots of money for car and canoe repairs.
Next: Having a submerged fibreglass canoe break in half as the current pushed it up and against a steep shore in a river. The mistake here was not having any air bags in the canoe.

starting and staying with canoes
Most of my friends kayak, and I doubt if I ever will. WW yaks are small, convenient, self contained, plentiful.Fit in a car, stay dry in the rapids. Canoes require racks, airbags, bilge pumps, painters and a strong back or good portage technique.

Besides the squirtboat which is a “20 minute at a time” thing, I just can’t see myself in a kayak.Emotion over intellect, I’m okay with that.

Running a rock garden I wasn’t ready for
I was in a Tom Winters signature solo. The boat hit the rock, the rock hit me, I stopped, the boat kept going. I took a beating and was sore for two months

Preference for open boats a mistake?
… naaah!

repeatedly renewing
my paddle perks

inside or outside
I had a ww kayak stored in my shed and finally got around to putting the foam pillars & seat back in after a move. A cat had been peeing in it and sticking my head down in to attach the nuts on the seat hangers was most unpleasant.

Good thing it’s washable.

When I was sixteen, me and my friends were going on a trip. I hooked the trailer down and left. I was goin down a country road when I looked in my rearview, there was no trailer. I stopped and looked behind me, and the trailer was careening down the road. Going from ditch to ditch, and FULL of canoes and kayaks. It eventually slowed down as well as my heart. It turns out I forgot to check the ball size before I hooked it up.

don’t think i made any…
Despitethe expense and trouble and effort, paddling was one of the BEST decisions I made.

The worst thing that I ever did, paddling, was good.

well, NOT buying that Tsunami 125 when I had a chance was a mistake.

Loaning my Mallard to that redhead with the big boobs was a mistake, she dragged it behind her truck without noticing. Got experience patching BIG hole in the bow.

but that’s about it.

Mistakeing a warning
siren (tornado) heard from the river (from a far off town) for the noon whistle from a factory. Well, it WAS noon… That was the first error.

Could have gotten off the water but noticed some “no trespassing” signs on the field on shore and tried to be a law abiding citizen even as the sky was darkening and the wind was picking up. Thought there’d be someplace better (at least unposted) to pull off just up ahead. Ha. Second error.

Didn’t get a chance for a third - got blown across the Illinois river (and the barge channel) in a rain so heavy I couldn’t see the front of the boat even in the lightning flashes. (Aluminum canoe) Lucked out and both I and the kayaker who got blown across with me landed on the same little sticky clay spit at the base of some cliffs with a cave-like hole in it. Squatted in there with the boats piled against, and partly covering, the entrance all night long. About midnight we got to see how “lifelines” in caves contribute to cave formation and how water flows along the walls. But the river didn’t rise much, thankfully. The actual tornado crossed the river a couple miles upstream.

Those were two pretty serious mistakes that could have led to much worse results. The worst I think I’ve ever made paddling. We’re all pretty lucky to have survived our teen years, I often think.

biggest mistake was…
reading this VF

opening my mouth here. NM