What the heck is this? (weird kayak)


I wouldn’t want a seal to try to sit on the stern.

A U.S. Builder makes these
I think the shape is intriguing, resembling a bit a slalom kayak. I never paddled one of these so not sure what to make of it. The few videos of it are not very informative… If it was not for the ridiculous rudder it would be almost convincing :slight_smile:

Forgot the name of the designer/builder, but I’m sure someone else will chime I with that. The kayak comes in serval sizes and shape variations and some of them look like they might be fun in following seas but not sure they would be much good otherwise for touring…

I would like to see a picture of the bow
If it is a plumb bow, I’ll bet it is a fast boat.

jack L

Ill go out on a limb and guess it’s a


Good guess
It’s the design I’m wondering about.

Read the theory behind it

I bet it is a fast boat on smooth water. Not sure I would take it out in rough water - probably fine if you are used to the design - but kind of squirrely …

It is broadly similar to a slalom kayak.
Such kayaks have excellent acceleration and spin very easily, but their straight line cruising speed is “good” but not “very good”. I say that as the owner of a 13’ slalom c-1 of fairly modern design.

Probably the Rawson 16 would excel at certain kinds of surfing and playing on seashores broken up by rocks. Its low wetted area would make it fairly easy to paddle at a relaxed cruising speed, but many more conventional 16’ touring kayaks would walk away from it.

On flattish, twisty rivers it would do well, though the rudder might become an annoyance. I don’t know what Rawson does to reinforce the slim stern, but slalom kayaks lose their sterns fairly often, even without a rudder catching obstructions.

I simply would not use it in real whitewater unless I ditched the rudder and chopped the stern so the total length would come down to 13’.

Fascinating boat line. It’s good to see someone willing to find a new “zone” of design.

When I see a kayak like that, I want to paddle it!

Craigs List
The company advertises daily on the NY Metro area craigs list. I’ve never seen one on the water or on the road.