What to buy?


Here is my situation:

Wife, 8 year old girl, 5 year old boy, and a golden retreiver.

I have been loking into buying 2 kayaks, the ones that I have been concentrating on are:

  • Pamlico 135T
  • Manitou II
  • Pungo 140 (I know it is not a tandem but the store owner told me that I can put an extra sit for a kid)

    So I am not sure which option to buy:
  • 2 Pamlico 135T
  • 1 Pamlico 135T and 1 Manitou II,
  • 2 Manitou II
  • 1 Manitou II and 1 Pongo 140
  • 1 Pamlico 135T and 1 Pongo 140

    Any advice I would appreciate, maybe you have other alternatives.

    Thank you


2 Manitou II’s NM

same boat
What ever you buy, get you and your wife the same boat. Thats what I did.

There are good canoes you can get
the whole family in at this point.

No canoes
Thank you for the info.

We do not like canoes.

A couple of used tandems
Getting two people into a single, while I am sure it can be done, would be pretty awkward. I’d echo the sentiments of two rec tandems. I wouldn’t rule out the tandems by Perception (Acadia) or Old Town (Loon?). See what is on sale. You can always add singles to your fleet later and let the guests use the tandems.