What to carry

Ok, what do ya’ll take with you when canoeing? Any good safety equipment you can’t live without? What about anything you’ve found that just makes the trip more fun? Us new guys want to know!

WEAR a properly fitting and adjusted
PFD. You need a whistle or signaling device. Water, Spare paddle. Painters (ropes) on bow and stern. Bailer or pump. Small first aid kit. Rain jacket. Sun screen. Knife. Potty kit. Waterproof key/stuff holder. Some basic knowledge.

Where and when you paddle and personal preferences determine what else you should take. Make your life easier and get a drybag to throw the clothing and small stuff into. Keep your bailer and water handy. Spare paddle should be secured, but easy and quick to get at.

A decent first aid kit and …
plenty of water, along with some nourishing snacks.

If we are going for a long day trip we usually have a dry bag with an extra set of clothes.

My wife keeps her little Leatherman tool in the first aid kit.

Also a spare paddle and don’t leave home without a painter

The Leatherman in the first aid kit
has come in very handy for me. I always have some power bars , lots of water,and synthetic clothes in a dry bag along. Sunscreen is a must in the summer , along with bug dope. And how could I not mention my Tilley.

Know your gear
Know how to use whatever you carry. Practice is a good idea. Otherwise how will you know what works and what doesn’t? Then you get to go shoping again to replace the stuff that isn’t up to snuff!

My “Camper’s Dozen”…
1) Candle lantern + 3 eight hour dripless candles= $12

2) Poncho (mil surplus has grommets) (can be used as a shelter also… e-mail me & I can send you a picture of easy shelter configurations)= $20

3) Poncho liner (can be used as blanket)= $25 AND/OR "snug-pak sleeping bag (rolls up to the size of a football)= $30

4) SVEA Trianga alcohol stove w/ mess kit (have been using mine for about 5 years now)= $5

5) K-Bar knife (can be used for anything!)= $40

6) Machette (good mil issue ones are stronger)= $30

7) 100ft of “para-cord”= $5

8) Aluminum tent pegs= $3

9) 2liter Hydration-pak= $30

10) Campers combination mess utensils= $5

11) Gerber multi-tool= $30

12) Dry-bag= $15

There you go… Now you have the “campers dozen”. This should get you on a GREAT start to your future of spending/trying camping equipment.